18 December 2009

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The Holiday Letter

Hi everyone! Well, it's Ella here sitting down to write the year in review holiday letter for my mom, I'm the cute one closest to the camera in the picture up there, behind me is my hyper sister Summit. Well my mom's become quite the crazy lady around here and just hasn't made the time to sit down and write our usual letter to family and friends, so I took it upon myself to do the job this year for her. It's the least I can do, after all she is about to have her world rocked and I'm gonna just sit back and demand love all the time, so I might as well do something nice for her. Well it has been a really full year here for us with LOTS of adventures for us all, we are some lucky dogs to get taken to so many cool places.

In January 2009 our human family went to Disneyland to ring in the New Year with some mouse and they left us at home for a week. They came home with tons of great stories and it really sounded like they had a great time. They stayed at the California Grand and would not stop talking about how nice it was and how great they slept with no dogs in the bed with them. I thought for sure there would be a mouse in the bed with them because they wouldn't stop talking about the mouse there. We hope they go back because it sure sounded like a place Summit and I could like.

The winter went on here with no falling trees thank goodness! Although I personally hate the winter because it means I have to go out in the wet and get my toes all muddy, it seems my human family loves the rain. There was a few camping trips here and there, which is always nice and we dogs really LOVE it! The highlight of February was Big J (that's what my mom calls our human brother on her blog) made honor roll. We were so proud of him and showered him with tons of sloppy kisses and threw him a party too, which is the best because we get to see lots of people and they always feed us as we wonder around the house.

Soon all the leaves and flowers started sprouting around the property which is the best time around here, I get to get out and eat grass and not get wet and my sister Summit just runs around all day long with a big smile on her face, I don't get it but she likes to stay outside all day and play. We celebrated our birthdays in March, me 5 and Summit 2. Then in April Big J turned 14 and is now like really tall! He towers over his mom and his voice went through this strange sound effect thing, our mom gets all sappy sometimes and tells us her little boy is growing up. He still plays with Summit and I, so grown up or not he's still my bff. For my moms birthday our dad took all of us camping in Morro Bay for the weekend and mom said it was the best birthday she ever had! She still talks about it today! I guess we're all going to go back there again this coming year and we can't wait!! Anytime we get to go camping there, it's tons of fun!

Before we knew it, it was May around here and all of the sudden life started rolling full speed ahead! Big J got yet again another great honor at school and was awarded most improved over all. Yeah, we're a little proud of him here. Soon volleyball was in full swing then the eighth grade dance happened and then it was June and Big J graduated from Junior High! The party our mom threw was crazy, you'd think the kid graduated from Yale or something! We had fun though and it was mostly a party for everyone who has supported Big J to thank them.

Not long after summer started our mom and Big J left and Summit, dad and I got the entire house to ourselves for a whole week, it was AWESOME!! Our dad took us to the beach everyday and we got to really spread out on the bed since the bed hog was gone. We did miss mom and our brother though, I can't lie. They took the train all the way to Oregon to see our grandparents and family. We were kinda bummed that we couldn't go because we always get to go on that trip and it's always so much fun for us to run wild up there but we stayed home and got to hear all about it when they returned. They had a great time and showed us lots of great pictures!

After the train adventure we all went on our annual Huntington Lake trip with our other grandparents and aunts and uncles. We LOVE going there!! We get to swim in the lake and just hang out by the camp fire all day! This year the trip was cut short though because school was starting and our mom was FREAKING out because our brother was starting high school. Shesh! That lady can really cry sometimes!! High school has been great for our brother, he really likes it a lot. He is taking wood shop and the other normal high school classes. He even played football!!! He just finished up finals and is now going to be home to play with us for a while! Bark Bark!! Big J has also been spending a lot of time on Sundays with a bunch of little kids and he really likes it!! He has been doing some kind of community service thing at church which really surprises me since I thought for sure he'd choose to throw the ball to Summit and I for a community service gig. He must really like it though because now he's hoping to get a job there! Maybe he'll buy us greenies with his money. A girl can hope!

Before we knew it, summer was ending and we got to go on a few camping trips but not as many as we wanted. We went to Big Sur, The Pinnacles and spent time with family playing games on Sundays. Mom also spends one day a week playing cards with her grandma and is always looking forward to locking us up for the morning and getting out of the house. She also started doing marketing for a new company and is just loving it! She works from home on those days and we get to hang out with her all day! Dad on the other hand is on this crazy exercise kick and takes us for walks on the beach all the time, he must love it though because he's lost 70 pounds and seems like an entirely new person! He looks great too and feels fantastic he says. We're just happy to go to the beach. He still goes to work at the same place he's been at for 10 years now, he really likes it and we like it too because he brings home food for us to eat and always gives us tons of tummy rubs when he walks in the door. Our big sister Holly turned 18 the other day!! She's doing really good and is almost done with school and is working a lot at a veterinarian hospital which we think is SO cool! Even though we don't get to see her much and we miss her a lot, we know she's busy and is living the right life! She is ready to start school for a carrer in law enforcement, maybe a K-9 cop she thinks, I knew we worked her in the right direction!!

Before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving! Summit and I LURVE Thanksgiving because it's always at our house and we always sit under the table and people give us food down there! It's pretty funny because our mom always gets so mad and makes us go lay down and we always make our way back under the table! This year there were 27 people feeding us!!! It was good times for us girls. Our poor parents though were feeling a little sad because they thought for sure we'd finally be big sisters and we'd finally have a picture of this little girl they've been dreaming about for four years in time for the holiday. We did our best to love on them and cheer them up and help them make it another few weeks until that call finally came.

Well by now you all know that phone call did come and let me tell you, we've been forgotten! Well not really forgotten, but the world now revolves around these pictures of some (pretty cute I must say) little girl that we can't even smell. Our mom has been like she's on cat nip or something lately! All she does is stare at the pictures and is washing all these little clothes and talks a mile a minute! And dad! Oh my he just sits and practices some strange language all the time and talks non stop about going on an airplane to some place called China. They told us we can't go with them though and we're not too happy about that! Big J gets to go and that makes us a bit jealous to be truthful. But he swears he'll bring us back something good. We are worried a bit though because mom and dad keep saying they are bringing some small child home with them. Ummmm, we aren't too sure what that means, like bring home to live here??? Will she share my dinner bowl with me and most important will I still get to sleep in the bed with my parents! Oh trust me, Summit and I are worried! I guess though we could get some food from this chick and maybe she'll play with us a lot. There could be a silver lining to this whole thiing!!!

So I guess sometime in February we get to make our grandpa's life miserable and torture him with all our doggie antics while our family is gone! We can't wait!!!! Our parents are already packing and seem to be working on plans for the future already! 2010 is looking like it's going to be a really fun year around here! Now with just a week away until that guy comes down the chimney and brings us bones and greenies, I think I have to tell you life is good around here! God has really blessed Summit and I with some super cool parents and He has blessed them with a beautiful family I must say! I'm just glad that my dinner is ready right now because all this writing is tiring for an old dog like me and I hear my mom upstairs in that room again that she calls Baby J's room, we love it up there because there is a fun hiding place to hang out and play!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!! Bark Bark!!!

Love and doggie happiness from Ella May! and Summit too...she's sitting her telling me to put her name on here too even though she didn't do anything! Such a princess!


Soooooooooooooo darling!!! xoxox,me

What an amazing year you guys have had. 2010 will be one you will never forget...enjoy it all!

What a year ~ can't wait till next years recap !!

2010 is going to be soooo much fun... 2009 was amazing..
Have a great weekend..
Love ya..

Hi Kayce, I am sorry I have not been here in a while, I am having to get another injection in my wrists for carpal tunnel, I cant feel myself typing this and it hurts so bad and that is even with both wrist in braces, so I promise that after tuesday I will be here on a regular basis again!! We also found out this week that Frank has diabetes, which is no big surprise everyone in his family has it, so things here are busy as usual. Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you.

Love you, Kristy

What a fun post...and seriously that picture at the end OMG is the cutest ever!!! What a face!!!!!!!
Sending your family a bit {{{}}}} for a happy holiday!!!!

Livi was just peeking over my shoulder and was laughing at your dog under the bed...she was wondering if we can borrow that puppy LOL

Wow! Ella is quite the writer! :) LOVE the pic's!