11 October 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009 - 13 comments

Finding strength

The freeway turns into a long road leading away from everything into an expansive land dotted with farmhouses and tractors which find shelter along rolling hills. Looking all around me I see nothing but muted browns and the vibrant greens of fall with hints of orange filling wild spaces. A calf being licked clean of it's mothers womb surprises me, brings me to notice what is hard to see. I think out loud that the world in my vision is so desolate and lifeless when viewed from within but when you step out it is teeming with life. Nothing that seems dull is ever empty.

The space surrounding me is filled with the chatter of animals near and far...crickets singing the nights coming, birds squawking at a passing deer, the cluck cluck cluck of wild turkeys, and so on and so on...it continues all day and night.
Smelling the air stings the brain, awakening it. There is a crisp scent that is filled with warmth and the intermittent whiff of pine. As the sky begins to turn towards dusk, my vision begins to notice the colors above me filling with pinks, purples and a hint of black edging the mountains. Slowly as dinner is cooked outside under a darkening sky, the stars begin to take over the bright suns duties. The tiny pinpricks of light embark on lighting the hours to come. Laying in the dark of night with blankets to keep us warm, we watch the falling of starlight from the heavens and make wishes to which we hope soon come true. Life is filled with such beauty!

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An amazing weekend! We relaxed. We read. We walked. We hiked. We ate good! We played cards. We talked. We shared dreams. We planned. We held hands. We kissed. We sat in silence. We sat under the stars and waited for some to fall and they did! It was just what the doctor ordered for us....a time to recharge, to find strength for the coming weeks and to spend time away from what is normal.


Kayce, what gorgeous pictures...you captured it beautifully and write such beautiful words. You are in my thoughts this week, hoping you hear some wonderful news!

Sounds like a great weekend..
LOVE the photos..
you sooo deserved this..
Have a great week..
Hopefully tomorrow is a great day...
love ya..

Ahhhhhhhh....... :-)

Beautiful photo's! They were super fantastic. Oh how I pray that tomorrow will be the day you hear something positive!

Glad you were able to get away and dwell on God's beauty and leave all your cares behind!


I am glad you had a good time. The park looks beautiful.

Sounds truly lovely!

Keep smilin!

Kayce I am so glad that this weekend happened for all of you. You inspired me to plan something for this weekend for us, we really need it too!!

Love ya girly, Kristy

I know you were hoping for this to be THE month for THE call. I'm sorry the cutoff was one day short of you. It's so tough to be up an down and up again. but just think, there is a definite in this road for you finally...YOU ARE NEXT!!! woohoo!!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. bliss!
I am so happy that your next, woohoo!!

Kayce, I'm so distraught they didn't get further. We haven't heard if we made it yet, and I'm whining in the most pitiful way, so forgive me. If we don't meet in China we'll have to meet here!
xo and a bunch more xos too!

Thinking of y'all today...

Love the pictures!

.....you're the best writer & daughter....xoxoxo,me