03 December 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009 - 35 comments

You want a little more??

Can't even begin to tell you where we're at today! In a complete fog! Yesterday was amazing! We seriously thought the call would come today so yesterday we were NOT prepared at all! THANK GOD! my sister just decided to come over and keep me focused on something else! Then when that call came all the world slipped away.

Our "call" was just that, a call. I got NO information except for the fact that we had a daughter. Our agency had just received the package and had NOTHING to tell us and said it would all arrive in our email...of course everything in that email is in Chinese and we have to wait until tomorrow to find out more details and see color photos of our girl. I did email our agency this morning to find out where the heck our girl is and she is from the SWI of Yiyang County, Jiangxi Province. She has many friends there! :)

We are still absorbing this and just can not think clearly about anything! Thank you all for your wonderful comments here and on FB! It has been nothing but a river of tears here as we feel the love coming from around the world! Thank You!!!!! Thank You!!!

Our family was truly blessed yesterday!

Here is the moment we opened that email!

Today's Words of Wisdom brought me to tears this morning....

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Good morning... Where hope grows, miracles bloosom!

God is Love
Rev Run
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God has blessed our family!!

Gotta run....there goes the phone again! Have a FABULOUS day!!!!


I just can't get over the cuteness!!! All that hair, so stinkin adorable!

Congrats again.... :o)

I've been waiting for this. I am crying happy tears. Watching this takes me right back you our own referral calls.

SO happy for you!

I can't get over how teeny tiny she is and look at all that hair. Love your reactions when you first see her that video is priceless. Hope she is in your arms really soon.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am so happy that your day finally came! I know this roller coaster has been hard for you! Please know that I am thinking of you and cannot wait to hear all about the new part of your journey!

She is just such a little cutie pie!!! I love all of her hair. Your reactions are just so neat and priceless!! Welcome Jennifer to your new family!!!!

I of course am crying again. Just so happy for you that your dream has come true....

Hugs and blessings,

What an adorable baby! Congratulations!!!

I knew the video would make me cry and, sure enough, it did!

I love this photo. She looks like she's snuggled up on a nest! And look at all that hair!

My first photos of Maddy were faxed to us so you can imagine the quality (or lack thereof) but she was still the prettiest smudgy black inky face in the world! A few days later, the actual photos showed up and it was almost like seeing her for the first time. I stared at those photos for six months!

Congratulations again! Is your agency saying anything about when travel might be?

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Finally got to see the video...(couldn't get it at work) OMG!! Ohhhh the tears!!

She is just perfect, her birthdate, the date she went into fostercare, the fact that she is in fostercare... all such great stuff.

Congrats, congrats, congrats...

Sure your celebrating big!

Yeah!!! Another YiYang sweetheart!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

Now that is the coolest video I've ever seen....love you for having the foresight to turn on your camera!!! Fabulous, just fabulous...you're right, I did cry with happiness again!


Bring on the hair bows she is going to need them. Annalise's hair came in that way and she has a tone of it. You are going to love playing with all that beautiful black hair.

I am so happy for you Mama

Congrats from another Yiyang Mama. Can't wait to follow your journey. Yiyang girls are the best!

OMW... I am crying my eyes out..
She is toooo CUTE..
Her hair.. LOVE IT.. just perfect for some bows...LOVE IT>..
I am sooo happy for you my dear friend.. and thanks for the card today..
you are the best..
you have a package coming..
are you going to cough up her name.....>??????

What a wonderful video:) I was crying big old happy tears for you my friend!! She is so beautiful.....you are truly blessed!!



OH MY GOSH!!!!! Congratulations! What an adorable, beautiful, teeny sweetheart. I am over the moon excited for you guys. Oh man. Sending HUGE love.

Congratulations! I am so glad your long wait is finally over and you will soon be able to hold your daughter in your amrs.
Many blessings,
Janice 4/25/06

We have a Yiyang County SWI group on Yahoo for anyone who has adopted a child from that SWI. The info we got from the group before we travelled was invaluable. Hope you will join us!

Yeah! Jennifer has arrived.


Oh gosh Kayce if I had your number I would be on the phone with you right now!!! I waited until Frank got home to watch this video because I wanted to watch it with him. He normally is a man of very few words, probably because he cant get a word in edgewise, but he was truly speechless, I cant wait for this day to happen for us. I have to say I am really proud of you, I will probably be a blubbering idiot!!!!She's beautiful and I cant wait to see her pictures in color!!!! Love you girl.

Love, Kristy

OMG! Is she from the same SWI as Steph and all??? wow, so many tiny babies from the same orphanage! Congratulation Kayce! Welcome to this side of the fence...it's a wonderful place to be! ;)

I love it, she is like a little hedgehog! Congrats to you all, What a long wait.......Gyll (gramma to Ryleigh)

Yay!!! Congrats!!! Aww! She's a cutie pie!!!! Look at all that hair!!!! How kewl that she was born on your birthday!!!!!
I'm so happy for you!

Such a sweetie! You lucky Momma!
Get Ann @ Red Thread to send a care package and she'll send photos of you guys to your baby, and new pictures of your baby to you!

Wow this is good news! Congratulations!

God Bless your family!

Oh... how I love love love referral videos! Many happy tears were shed for you as I watched that, my friend. I couldn't be more excited for you and your family. Congrats again!

It's all so exciting. I can't believe she's in Jiangxi with all the 3/27 LID kidos!!

The color photos will be such a treat. You'll see so much more of her true essence once you see her in color!

I am crying my eyes out right now. She is perfect in everyway!! She is a little peanut and I am just inlove with her. I cant belive she is here-- finally here!!! I just cant hardly type. You and Christie both-- I just had the best day. I am sooooo excited and over the moon for you guys. Please give us more info when you get it. She is so young and in foster care-- what a trip!! That is awesome! Now on with the fastest TA'a ever...come on CCAA!!! I am thrilled!! God is Good!!!!!!

Big hugs and give us more info!!!

Christy :)

I was reading the BABIES! post on Rumor Queen today and I think your daughter may have been my daugher's crib mate. Seems like the timing and ages would be right. Contact me and I can send you the photo!


LOVE the video and seeing the joy. Congrats again!

Keep smilin!

She is ADORABLE!!! Congratulations from the mom of another Yiyang (Jiangxi) baby! (Well ... not such a baby anymore. She was 9 months old when I first held her 6 years ago. The time just flies.)

Little girls from Yiyang are something special!!!!! Best wishes for a safe and speedy journey to your new daughter!

meant to be, the dates are no coincidence, there sure was a beautiful plan, many blessings!!
Congrats to you all!!

what a TINY bundle of joy!! 13.5 pounds!! (roughly) and by now you know the head and chest circ. are the same at this age (pretty sure about that).

wow. so many COOL red threads!!!! i am just soooo happy for ALL 4 of you!!!! now dang it, hurry up and get TA~!!!!!

Oh Kayce!! What an amazing video!! As soon as you opened and gasped tears sprang to my eyes!! Could not be happier for you!!! Big hugs!!

By any chance is your agency Holt? We were matched on the 2nd as well?!