05 July 2009


Loved seeing pictures of some places I've been before - looks like it was a wonderful trip! But I'm really leaving a comment because that Marine fighter jet? From squadron 333? My dad was in that squadron when I was in elementary school!

LOVE the slideshows...
I wish I could figure those things out.. guess I need to play with it a little more..
have a great week.

These are great!!! Love them both, I'm doing one for Will's 1 year forever family day....:)

Hey Kayce,

I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend.

These are fabulous. what memories.


Great photo montages of your trip! What a wonderful time you had with your little man and family!

Heh...not sure if my favourite pic is 'mom and me' or....'she's gonna yell!!!' LOL! Love how he captured the moment! :o)

WOW, Kayce...this trip looked amazing...and BEAUTIFUL!! I envy the time you were able to spend with Jacob. I bet you are so glad you did this.

Looks and sounds like an amazing trip!

Keep smilin!

It looks so beautiful in Oregon! Sounds like you two had an amazing trip!!! Very special!

Looks like a beautiful and fun trip. Stunning photos. I especially love the lake pics.

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Love that you have two versions of the slideshow -- how neat to see things from your different perspectives!

Wow!! Oregon is sooooooo beautiful!!! The 'Gates' place looks like a slice of Heaven!!!

Also loved the adult and the teenage photo perspectives!


How fun was that?!?!?!