07 June 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009 - 11 comments

It Takes An Entire Village...

...To Raise A Child ~ Ancient African Proverb

That was the theme of the party we threw this weekend and a party it was. To celebrate Big J's graduation we wanted to throw a party to celebrate those who have inspired him throughout the last 8 years of his education. The guest list was large, the food was picked by the graduate and the weather was a special order that I put in a few weeks ago. Needless to say the day was perfect, just perfect.

~ A table filling fast and waiting for the sushi platters...

~ Mike preparing hamburger toppings...

~ Family and friends...

~ Grandpas doing the barbecuing...

~ Trampoline fun!

~ The three grandmothers...left to right...Lynne (my ex's mom), Sandi (Kayce's mom), Margaret (Big J's step-mom's mom) - Yes we were all together in celebration and it was so nice!

~ Party + sunshine + good friends = good times!

~ Two influential educators in Big J's life...on the left was his core teacher through out junior high and on the right is his principal from elementary school who he still talks about today. Two incredible women!!

~ A boy and his dog.

~ Grandpa Ed (Big J's step -mom's dad)

~ Party moms...Big J's step-mom and my mommie.

~ ummmm what is this??


~ Laptop joy!

~ Big J's little bro...a new found friendship with Summit.

And with that the party ended late into the evening with hugs and kisses to all who left and memories made for all who came and were shared in the morning and will be in the days to come. Thank you to all who are helping to raise our young man...it takes a village and our village is awesome! Love to you all!!

And now summer is finally here.


What a nice party! I'm laughing because my Jacob has been begging for a laptop. He won't be graduating 8th grade until next year....I wonder if we can hold him off that long?!

Looks like it couldn't have got any better.
Have a great week.

You are so good to have all if his family there; we agree that steps, half's, ex's etc... should all get together for these events. Shows the children how to get along. Congrats!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Months


was a nice way to celebrate this special time.

summer, yes, summer! Yeah summer!


PS. Did I mention I really, really, really, appreciated that card?!!! thank you, my friend.

It really does take a village doesn't it? Great pics...you captured it all so well!

What a wonderful party and wonderful attitude of love and support for Big J. Many would not be able to get together like that. Bravo J! Bravo Family!

Keep smilin!

What a wonderful celebration for a special boy.
Everyone being there for J, showing him what was important.Kudos Kayce, your such an awesome Mom and woman. :)

It looks like a fabulous time was had by all!

I can just smell the hamburgers and that watermelon looks so yummy.
congratulations Big J!

Sounds like a great time... Way to rock Middle School!

Congrats on your little big man :)

Glad I was able to stop by at your blog.