20 December 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009 - 27 comments

Saturday Morning Sunshine

Early Saturday morning we got the most beautiful email from Ann at Red Thread China! Oh my! Since the day we learned about our daughter, I have had a very calm feeling inside telling me that she is in good hands, is very loved and very well taken care of. Well these pictures confirm that mama sense I've had all along.

While the wait to travel will be difficult in the coming days and weeks, I know the time she has with her foster family is quickly running out and they too are waiting like we are. Of course their wait is different than ours, we wait to hold her in our arms and put her forever in our home and they wait for her to be taken from theirs and only remembered through pictures and memories. I will never take for granted what this woman has given to my daughter, never. These images will forever be displayed in our home to ensure we never ever forget.

Along with these beautiful pictures, we also got some updated measurements and Baby J has gained two pounds! She is still without teeth, but looking at the pictures, her little blue puffy shirt has a nice drool patch under the chin...classic teething sign! We are hoping to get another update in the next month or so and hope to have a better idea of what size clothing to bring for her when we travel. We are so grateful for Ann's service, it has brought us so much joy this weekend! We also received our sweet girls finding add last week...

A definite treasure to have. Staring at her sweet face so small and wondering about her beginning days has been a daily process here. God has chosen us for her and for that blessing I am humbled!


OMW.. I am sitting here crying..
Just like her family..
She is the luckest little girl around..
thanks for the picture update..
Congrats my friend...
Love ya..

oh oh oh oh she is so precious! what a wonderful email!
I can't wait to see you holding that bundled up bundle of cuteness.

What a precious face...and those CHEEKS!!!

What a gift you have of pictures of J and her foster mom, Kayce. Sooo happy for you! I know it's hard to wait but you can tell she's loved and cared for well.


Oh My Goodness! What a little sweetheart!

OMW look at that face!!! Is she stinkin' adorable or what!!!!! I know you must want to eat her up!!!! She looks so healthy and loved!!!


I have visited your blog from time to time and just wanted to congratulate your family on your beautiful daughter! I am sure those new pictures that show her happy and healthy must mean the world to you. Congrats again!

Oh those pictures are a treasure! Sending you all huge hugs and big grins.

I of course just love these pictures of Jennifer. She is such a bundle of joy to see! What a wonderful treasure it is to know she is with such a beautiful foster family that love her so much!!
IT is hard to think what they are anticipating.... it makes me cry for them. We will both be forever eternally grateful for the care FF's have given our precious bundles of joy!


I am so touched. Miss J does look so healthy and LOVED! A true blessing indeed!

Oh!!! What a GIFT!!!
She is so sweet!
I'm so happy for you!

Jennifer: Cute, Cuter, Cutest!....Gyll ( Gramma to Ryleigh)

What an incredible gift!!! She is so precious......look at that little face:) Oh my word....you must be dying to get on that plane and get over there!! I am so happy for you girly.....what a special time for you and your family!!

Happy Holidays!



Look at those cheeks! She's so beautiful. She looks like she's being well cared for. This must give you some comfort as you wait to bring her home. I'm so happy for you that you have this little piece of her history.

Wow! What an amazing gift!

Sophie has just started looking at her photo album that I put all of the pictures from the cameras in her care package I sent as well as the pics from Anne.


Oh Kayce!! What a sweetheart! I am so happy for you. What a precious gift to have these rare pictures! I cannot wait until she is in your arms! ;) Congratulations! The Best Christmas gift ever, eh?!!! :)

A big beautiful gift to wake up and see. Such a wonderful piece of your girls history to have.
Merry Christmas to your family!

What a treat to get an updated photo! I know how relieved you are to see that your baby is thriving and is being well cared for while you wait to get on that plane and bring her home!

Merry Christmas!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

What a treasure these photos are!!! And what a beautiful, happy-looking baby! Is that her foster mother? She reminds me of my Yiyang daughter's foster mother, whose name was given to me as Jiang Fulan.

Best wishes!

Kayce, what a doll she is! Have a Merry Christmas knowing its the last without your daughter. Hopefully we can catch up after the holidays!


Aaaawwww...what a peanut! I love it!! You are so blessed to have these photos. You'll treasure them forever. She looks very well cared for. And, her finding ad photo is precious as well. To have such an early pic of her is priceless.

May the coming weeks fly by for you!

OMGood LORD! Kayce! I have tears streaming down my face. I remember everything you must be feeling, coming over here has brought it all back. She is the most beautiful baby!!!!! That referral picture is to die for in that basket. I have never seen a cuter one. And thse pictures to have. You are so sosososos lucky!!! Finally! haha. It has been such a long wait and now this! I am so happy for you I can hardly express it. What a Christmas you are having!! Next year will be here before you know it and then look out!
Sending you all love and full feelings of all this happiness. God Bless your precious family!
Merry Christmas!

I love these new pictures! What a blessing to have for all time. Jennifer is just darling in her warmies.


She is a beautiful bundle of joy! So adorable, chubby cheeks! You will be so blessed when you have her in your arms!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Oh she is so sweet, I am so happy for you for getting these photos... she is a darlin' :) The photos are such a great thing to get...

Sorry I haven't dropped by of late... I am having trouble pulling up blogs... they take forever... guess I will have to clean this computer... off... hope your Christmas was a good one... take care...

OMW Kayce! She is a little sweetheart! Jennifer seems so well fed and loved. The expression on the nannies face is priceless. I will say that every YiYang County baby that I met last month was happy, strong, healthy and full of personality. I will always be greatful for the wonderful care system in YiYang.

What a wonderful Christmas gift to see her little face. Love the rooftop in the background she will love to see these picture someday. Sorry I am so behind on blogging you will undersand why in just a short time. It will be your turn.

You'd think by now I could read one of these blogs without getting all teary, but I really can't. I'm so proud and happy to be part of the adoption world and meet other people like you! She is just beautiful and such a blessing Kayce. I'm so very happy that she is coming home soon!