16 August 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009 - ,, 9 comments

Three Word Sunday

Big J made it through the first week of high school!! He has come home each day saying how great it is and how each day is better than the day before. He's got a great schedule which includes wood shop as his elective where he's the only freshman in the class. So far he says no one talks to him except to remind him of what grade level he's in. LOL! I keep reassuring him that as long as he's his charming self, he'll be sitting on the senior steps by the end of the month. It seems the looming thoughts of high school are now a distant memory of the past and what lies ahead is to be a fun ride for sure.


I'm so glad he's enjoying it so far. I remember the first time we "connected" it was in emails to discuss some issues he was having in sixth grade. Boy, things change. Don't they?

My youngest niece starts high school next month, and my oldest niece will be a senior. Those girls have grown up so fast!

And what will you be doing this school year? Any plans? Or, are you close enough to your referral that you'll make those preparations your job? That would be the best job of all!

HOW FUN... love the photo...
He will do sooo well..
Woodshop sounds like fun.. Colton has automotive and is loving it.. this is his 3rd year...
Have a great Sunday..
Love ya..

What a relief! :o)
High school can be so scary. The freshmen in my class every year are so serious until they learn that they really won't get beat up every day! I actually saw one boy on Thursday breathe a sigh of relief when I told him in all the years I've worked at this school I have never heard of a freshmen locked in a locker over night. Oh! The stories they tell. LOL

Thank you so much for the package. ;o)

Way to go J!! :)

my daughter is absolutely loving it as well.

Oh I remember my first year of high school- I was scared out of my mind! My brother was a Senior that year which made it way worse for me. because not only was I a freshman now senior's knew who I was because of my very popular brother. It was a very odd year to say the least!

Yaaa!!! Im so glad he is liking high school. It ususally is a good or bad experience and it looks as if high school is going to agree with him. That is so cool!!


Rock on my Jacob! xoxoxo,me

OMG...you don't want him on the "Senior steps"!!! Are you crazy?! If he's that cool, you're in big trouble!!! Just kidding...he's a sweetie and I'm sure he'll be a perfect angel all through H.S.