16 December 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - 12 comments

My Shining Star

We all know what football players are supposed to represent right??, tough, mean looking guys with a nasty snarl on their faces??, um yea, not my son.

When my gentle son came home oh so many months ago and said he joined the football team you may remember my astonishment. Big J is not your typical football player type of person, he'd never even played before and I never in a million years would have guessed that he'd love the game and could get mean enough to tackle another person, but he did and he loved it. Next season can't be here quick enough!

So on Monday we got Big J's football pictures and let me say that this picture is my child! 100%!

He is always making the world laugh around him and sure enough when he pulled this out of the envelope I knew that photographer must have been cracking up! And I've since found out that the majority of the team was enjoying a good laugh that day too. Good Lord! I love this kid!!!! The things that come out of his mouth are head turning funny sometimes! And I'm sure when that photographer told him to be mean he thought to himself, "I can't be mean!" and the end result is truly who he is.

Bubby...you're my hero and I'm so blessed to have YOU as my son!! I love and treasure you more than all the stars in the universe. Love Mom!


TOO FUNNY! Our kids get picked on if they smile. It's a competition to try to make each other laugh, and then you pay! I am sooooo happy Jake likes Football!!!! Hit 'em low and hit 'em hard. Go Jake!

...you're my hero too sweetheart!! xoxoxo,mames-on-hames

Love the photo..
Have a great week..
Sorry I missed you girly..
We were at the DMV...
I am soooo glad you loved your goodies..
love ya my friend...

I love it! He just is so neat! That he remains true to himself is priceless. God surely blessed you with a real treasure.


What a handsome son he is :)

LOVE it! Gotta love sons!!!!!

HE is so handsome!! Great shot of him in his gear:)



Ha...I laughed out loud at this picture. How could you not?! What a great kid!

This picture made me smile too. What a great kid!

what a touching and beautiful post....I love having 4 sons...people ask me all the time...did you adopt to get a girl...I get so insulted. Are you kidding me...I love all my children and not once did I say "hey lets adopt so that we can have a girl". Boys are sure special and they love love love their mommy's....

He is so handsome!