07 February 2009


Jacob, congratulations for all your hard work. Well deserved..

Congratulations Jacob!!!! Very well done!!!

Love, Kristy

Have a great weekend...

So very awesome! Congrats to Jacob.

Do you have Kim from The Seventh Diamonds address? I want to pop something in the mail to her.

You can email me at jodyscottage@netscape.net
Thank you dear friend!

As always, we are ever so proud of our Jacob!!!! Way-to-go!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo, G&G

Congratulations Jacob!! All that hard work certainly paid off...way to go!


This is awesome. Congrats Jake!

I'd be smiling too!

That's wonderful! Congratulations!

It's always nice to catch up with everyone. Congradulations all around! My thoughts are with you and your family as everyone gets ready for new adventures and challenges. Gregory will also be going off to highschool and even though I am excited, I too, am scared and filled with anxiety. If you find any good mommy management lessons, let me know. Bless you all! Allison

I like the breakfast idea. What fun!

Congrats!!! Thanks so much for
stopping by and giving me the
heads up on the fabric!! I will
go searching for it!!! I bet
you guys are so excited that
they are in March! I hope you
dont have to wait much longer
We will not bring Hannah home
till late 2009 or Jan~2010
by the way~~we love the name