06 January 2009

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 - 7 comments

Joy and Wonderment!

Well I have spent WAY too many hours pulling my hair out trying to find my now vanished Christmas morning pictures and videos. Yea I cried. I'm still trying to figure out why the Mac ate them and now they seem to be corrupt, ARGH!! So on I went to a different computer to do up a Disne!y movie for you all and wanted to add pictures from my phone, but once again after many hours trying to figure THAT out, I gave up.

SOOOOO the following movie is from New Years Eve Day and then New Years Day and the day after that. I did not bring my camera into the parks on New Years Eve since there was an estimated 78,000 people attending the festivities. I did bring my phone and have a few really cool pictures of the insane crowds in which we had to literally hold each others hands the entire night or we for sure would have been separated. The experience was so surreal and beyond cool! The atmosphere was calm, happy and energized. A very cool way to ring in the new year.

We started off New Years Eve day at 9am in the parks and helped close the doors at 2am the following morning. Yeah 17 hours our first day out the door. CRAZY!! We are still recovering to say the least. None of us would change a thing about this trip. It was fun doing Disne!y with a teen but all of us kept saying that we can't wait to do it all over again with Baby J. We never even stepped foot into Toontown but plan on spending a lot of time there with a sweet baby girl someday. We can't wait!

Enjoy the movie...


We spent one New Year's at D-Land and I the only time I have ever seen that many people is in China. Crazy crowds! Looks like you had a great time. ANd you're right. Next year is gonna ROCK!!

I love Disneyland. It sounds like you guys did it right....die hards!! Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides! I think little Ms. J should be treated to lunch in Cinderalla's castle...don't you?!

It looks like you had a fantastic time!! Great movie too...so sorry you lost some of your pics....that is so upsetting.

Have a great week!


Oh Disneyland!! yeah! We almost went there for New Year's as well, but we decided on skiing instead. I know what you are saying, the last 3 times we've vistied Mickey's house we thought and talked about Lauren the whole time!! We kept saying...next time...

Happy New Year Kayce!! This should be one of our best yet!! :)

Happy New Year Kayce. I sure missed you. Looks awesome.


Happy New Year and soooo sorry tohear you lost some of the pictures..
But looks like you all had a wonderful time..
I can't wait to go to Disney one day..
Have a great weekend..

Beautiful pictures! So envious of the palm trees and blue skies on NYE. We were battling sub arctic weather (at least that's how it felt for me).