04 September 2012

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 - 6 comments

The many faces of her

Quite a bit I find myself handing over my iPhone to Jenny to either A. quiet her down for a minute or two or B. keep her awake long enough to get us home or past that 3 or 4pm shutdown time.  Now she is only allowed to look at pictures or take pictures, which she's gotten pretty good at!  Needless to I am in hysterics when I look back at what she's captured.  Lately she seems to be practicing different expressions and this is what she captured of herself over the period of three days...

Seriously?  Yes, seriously I love this child!  Oh my goodness do I love and adore her personality, her wit, her joy in everything, and her love of life!  I love you my little bean!  


OMW, that is HILARIOUS!! Love that whole series. Funny girl.


Waaaaaaaaaaaay too cute!!! xoxo,m

That is awesome!!!!!! She is so dang cute!

SOOO cute! What a sweet, funny little girl you have!

I love this idea! Will need to borrow it and see what my little one comes up with!

Miss you friend!

CUTENESS.... no nap Thursday.... LOL.. or FRIDAY...
Miss ya

That is just too cute.. she has gotten really good at this... Someday when she's old enough to get it.. she's gonna laugh her butt off... hugs