26 January 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - 29 comments

Okay.....HERE WE GO!

....once upon a time not long ago, where people wore pajamas and lived life slow....
Oh wait....wrong post!  I'm just a little bit giddy here and I've been wondering around the house rapping songs from the 80's all week long!  HA!

We're as packed as we're gonna get, whatever I've forgotten I don't really care at this point, I just want to GO!!  My wonderful dad has arrived to take care of his granddogs, Big J is officially on leave from school,  and the car seat was strapped in by our very own CHP officer...THANK YOU Cliff!!  We are READY TO GO!  Did I mention we're going to China, in like 9 hours??  As you can see Big J is way ready!  The kid is beyond excited!

So I guess this is my last post here, from here on out we'll be posting at our travel sites!  Oh and hey!  Did you all see who will be blogging in China?? Yup, Big J!  Go say hi!!  :)  I think I'm more excited to read what he has to write about than anything!  We'd also love if you stopped by Mike's and my travel blog and say hi to us too.   As soon as we have a moment to take a breath we will be back here and maybe Big J will be a full time blogger by then.  LOL!  Until then, please keep us in your prayers, thoughts and vibes....we'd much appreciate it!

 Love to ALL OF YOU!!


I'm so happy for you and can't wait to follow your travels! Have a fun trip!

Yay, yay, YAY!!!!! SOOOO happy for you!! Have been thinking of you and praying for you all morning! SOON Jenny will be in your arms!

Enjoy China. It is a beautiful country with even more beautiful people....inside and out!

Love you!

Have a fabulous trip and a wonderful Gotcha Day! See you in Guangzhou!

Wishing y'all a safe and smooth journey. Just a few more sleeps til Jenny Day!

YEA>.. I am soooo excited..
You know I will be on BOTH of those travel blogs..
Safe travels..
Love you bunches my friend..

Here you go!! FINALLY. Enjoy every single moment!! It's going to be amazing!!!

Yea! long time coming have the time of your life!

Counting down with you from Slovakia. You go girl :)


Safe travels to all of you! I got a good laugh at the clothes on the floor. I remember dressing my outfits every night before bed, accessories and all when i was a teenager.

OK sweet girl!!! Go get that baby!!!!! Whoo hooo let the journey began!!!!! : )


Have a fantastic trip Kayce!!! Go and get that sweet baby girl and enjoy the time in China!!! I will be with you in heart every step of the way.

Then when you get home you can tell me the scoop and the "in's and out's" of how to pack . What can be left behind and what did you not take that you needed!!!

So long.... Can't wait for Gotcha Day.



The day is here!!! Finally on your way to meet your beautiful little girl. I just cant even begin to tell you how excited I am. This is just amazing. You are sooooo in my prayers and I will be watching!!

Big massive hugs!!!

Christy :)

Go get your baby girl, Kayce!!! Cannot wait to see her in your arms, travel safe my friend as you start the adventure of a lifetime!



Can't wait to see you in China with Baby J in your arms!!!

Safe Travels my friend:)



Praying for you Kayce!!!! XOXO

Oh my gosh! I'm almost trembling with excitement just typing this! I can't believe day has arrived and you're leaving to go get J! What an incredible blessing! I'm so eager to follow your journey and can't wait to see your sweet daughter nestled snug in your arms! Your all so blessed!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

(geesh... I should probably spell check, huh)

Can't wait to see your precious daughter all wrapped up in your arms! Praying you have safe and healthy travels!! I'll be stalking your travel blogs in the days to come! ;)

~ Tanya

p.s.>> your shower looked like SO much fun. And those cupcakes ...too cute!

Another one bites the dust... another "waiting" momma that is. No more waiting. It's time, my friend. It's time!!

Safe travels. :)

Such perfect pics, and I went to the blog but can't comment becasue you have to join shutterfly and i already did and can't remrembermy password.. URG. But I want you to know i see you and am so happy for you and PRAYING. Its going to be amazing! Remember every second!! Lots of LOVE!

wow! I can't believe it- My prayers are with you!

Congratulations! I know you held your baby girl today!!!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Kayce still waiting here to see how things are going, cant wait!!! Love you big girly!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

I just read about your entire trip on your travel blog...sounds like Jennifer is so sweet and that your son has really risen to the occasion. My son also went to China to get his sister and it changed him in many ways(Although he was younger). Congratualtions....I wish you the very best!

Hi Kayce!!

OMG, I am a big dummy..... I have been wondering why the heck I have not seen you post at all since you left!! I was kind of worried that you didn't update the blog.... Duh, it is right there in print..... you had a travel blog!!

I just popped over and looked through all the beautiful photos and read about your trip!! She is GORGEOUS and you look absolutley radiant!! I am so happy for you all:)

Have a safe trip back...... we miss you around the bloggy block!!



What kind of car seat did you get? And its rear facing of course, right? :)

I'm the 'car seat lady'. :) I have a big blog post about car seats.