14 February 2010


And a Happy Valentine's Day it is!!! xoxoxo,me

So great to see you home... Happy Valentine's, Happy CNY, Happy Life and many other happy things...

SO happy to see that sweet smiling face and know that she is in your arms:) Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day and CNY!!

She is just adorable! Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome Home! So glad you arrived safely! What a sweet Valentine!

OH my goodness....so cute!! How was your trip? I'm sorry we didn't meet up.......our trip went quite well! We're now home and resting with the rest of our family. Your little girl looks like an angel! I hope she's doing well.

Welcome Home my friend..
Love ya..
Jennifer is toooo CUTE..

So happy to see you back, with your sweet pea with you!!! I'm quite sure your Valentine's Day was special!


What sweetness!!! This is going to be a great year for you family. Can you believe you are home with your baby?! Amazing!

Happy new years!!!!

So freakin cute!

Simply beautiful! So glad you're home and well for Valentines Day and Chinese New Year. I really enjoyed following your journey to China.

glad you are home safe and sound. YOu look fabulous.


YA!! Welcome home!!
Happy CNY to you, wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in the year of the Tiger.

A day filled with many celebrations! So much love for you and a new chapter in your life is just beginning! So very, very happy for you friend! Sweet pictures of Jenny.

What an amazing day of love for you guys. I am just thrilled and little J is doing so well. I am so pleased for you guys. I know I have been a bit absent lately but I have been checking in on everytihng, just not able to comment on my phone. I cant wait to meet the little one. She is precious and perfect in everyway. I am soooooo happy for you!!!!

Hugs and when are you commin for little J's first Dland experience?????

Christy :)

Awe..... what adorable pictures! You look rested and great as always!! I hope you are getting some sleep!

Precious smiley Jennifer you make my heart just so happy! You are a doll.

Thanks for the cute Valentine's card!!

Luv ya,

Happy Happy Everything! She is so adorable!

Oh! I'm just love her smile!! Hey, we received your sweet Valentine's card, how in the world did you find time to get those out????? You are amazing!!!

Happy Valentine's... my sweet friend. Thank you for always thinking of me... XOXO

I am so happy for you! Your daughter is just too beautiful!


how sweet is she?!!!

Congratulations! Your daughter is darling!