27 November 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009 - 16 comments

Happy Thanksgiving the day after

From all of us to all of you...we hope your day yesterday was filled with as much love and joy as ours was! We were surrounded by our families and are still relishing in the memories AND the left over pie! Thanks to all of you who helped to make our day together wonderful! We love you!


It looks like you had a beautiful day! I hope you have lots of leftovers so you don't have to do anymore cooking this weekend.


Wow, that is one seriously long table. What a blessing to have so many special people in your lives. What a great celebration it must have been. Looking forward to seeing what the month ahead brings your way. :)

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What a great day! LOVE your chalkboard on the cabinet and the saying on it.

YUM! That party looked fun and yummy. happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!! Looks like a wonderful day. (And I'm very intrigued by the bucket!!)

Looks like your day was spectacular and filled with lots of family and friends! Hope you are enjoying relaxing today !
love the chalkboard cabinet door with the saying! Neat idea!!!


What a big Thanksgiving bash that looks like.. glad you had a great time... a ton of hugs to you...

Great pics Kayce, you really captured the moments of the day. Hope you're taking some time to your self and spending it relaxing...

That looked like an incredible Thanksgiving!! Yum. Yum!!! :)

looks like an AMAZING Thanksgiving..
Have a great weekend..

Kayce looks like you had a wonderful day!!!! Hey I have that same china!!!! Love it!!!!
I am thinking about you and praying that this up coming week brings some good news!!!

Looks like you had a busy and lovely day. I know that soon you will have one more reason to be Thankful :)

Thinking of you all as you wait.

What a wonderful day and a wonderful meal-- this was your last thanksgiving without Jenny-- that is so trippy!!!! I have been thinking about you and Christi so much lately and am praying for you guys and this delay you are experiencing. Thinking and praying for you guys-- bug hugs!

Chrsity :)

WOW..that was one long table. Look like a lot of fun and very yummy!

Ok I have to ask......what the heck is in the bucket? LOL