13 December 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009 - 5 comments

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Today is our sweet Holly's 18th birthday!

May God's grace bless you everyday and His love bring you much joy!

We love and treasure you and will always be here for you!

So much love.

Happy Birthday Sweetness!!


Happy 18th Holly..
Have a WONDERFUL Day..
You will have your sister next year to help you celebrate...
Hugs ~ Kim

What a cute picture of the birthday girl.


Happy 18th, best wishes Holly.
The picture is so adorable!!

Happy 18th! Now you can vote. What an honor! What a privilege! Now if only we all had decent candidates to vote for, on both sides of the fence! (I'm sorry, did I actually type that? I blame it on all of the media coverage of Dixon in Baltimore. Ugh.)

Happy Birthday Holly!!