13 February 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 29 comments

Home Sweet Home!


We are home.  Home!

Besides circling the airport for an hour before we finally touched down, our flight was uneventful.  We were greeted by the most beautiful faces in the world, almost our entire family.  Dinner was just what we wanted, burritos!  The pups have been great and were SO happy to see us!  Ella is a little worried about the newest life in our house, but Summit thinks she's great and gives LOTS of licks.  Sleep though was tough.  Our little cricket does NOT like to go down to sleep and fights it every minute until exhaustion sets in and last night was no exception.  BUT we are home!  Home!

It feels so great to be back but I am missing China terribly!  Lift off from Beijing was SO hard for me, I just bawled my eyes out and kept telling Mike, "I don't want to go, please can we stay longer."  I stared out the window until I could no longer see the quilt of China's countryside and cried and cried.  We'll be back of that I'm sure.  For now though we'll live in the memories and sift through our suitcases of all that we did and all that we left behind.  Sigh.

The next few days will be wonderful settling back in and enjoying my parents who is staying with us for the week to help around the house....THANK YOU Dad and Lori!!!!!!!!!!!  And we'll be catching up on sleep when the cricket is down, which is what I should really be doing now.  :)  I can't wait to catch up with everyone!

Love, Love and Love!


She's beautiful, I'm so very happy for you! <3

WELCOME HOME!!!! I am so happy to see you post:) She is so beautiful...... I am sure it was very bittersweet leaving China. Excited to come home and see your family, but sad to leave her homeland. I can't wait to hear all the details of your amazing trip..... but get your rest first:)

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy CNY!!



Welcome home!! Glad the flight home was relatively uneventful, and can't wait to hear more (once you guys are all rested up).

Huge hugs.

xoxoxoxo.....soooooooooo glad you're home!!!! xoxox,me

So glad to see your home safe and sound... I enjoyed reading about your journey and cannot wait to hear more stories about Cricket and her forever home!

Welcome home... sorry I couldn't catch up with you as often as I wanted... as you may have guessed... life has been bizarre... such a whirlwind for me... I can understand how you had been feeling :) Also I want to say thank you so much for the card that you sent... I loved it... such a surprise since you were in China when it was mailed... thanks again and hugs to the little cricket :)

Welcome home! I feel terrible! I didn't realize that you had a separate travel site so I didn't have it on my dashboard. I will head over and try to catch up!

Happy CNY!

Welcome home Kayce and family!! Cricket hopefully will adjust to the time change eventually..... How is the attachment going?

I am so looking forward to China and all that it holds for us. Life is always a adventure.

You are home dear friend, I am so excited for you!! Jennifer is just a doll! What size is she in now? I missed how much she weights now.

Big hugs and kisses!!

I will email you later our flight schedule.

Just happy, happy, happy for you! It is wonderful that you are home. Sleep will come...it did for us.

Keep smilin!

love ya .. glad things are going well.. Jennifer will sleep soon..
I am sooo glad you are home..

Welcome home!!! Now the fun begins of fighting the jet lag and time transition. Enjoy. I've loved tuning in every day to your adventure Kayce. And I couldn't be happier for you and your family. And, btw, quite impressed with big brother! :)



Welcome home. The first few weeks may be difficult, but what a beautiful daughter you have! Now go and enjoy her :-)

Welcome home, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year to a beautiful family. I have much peace knowing Jennifer is home with you. Take good care and find some sleep.

Welcome home! I hope you all settle in nicely! Can't wait to hear more after you're rested up!

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Welcome Home. I hope the sleep problems are just down to jet lag and you are all soon in a good routine.

Welcome home dear friend!

Welcome home!!!!!!! Loved your journey!!!! Can't wait for more pictures...I know you are probably feeling the jet lag...that's hard to over come but it will pass..


Welcome home!! So glad you are home safe. :) Our first couple of weeks home were amazing,yet exhausting. Rest as much as you can. ;)

Welcome home now life really begins. No breakfast buffet no out to dinner every night. I'm with you I did not want to leave either. I look forward to the day we get to go back together and experience China from the other side. Praying that she settles in really soon so you can get some much needed sleep.

Welcome Home! I enjoyed sharing your journey in China and look forward to continuing now that you're home. I loved reading your words...your express your thoughts so well.

Glad to hear you're home and you got your burritos! LOL!

Now the rest of your life begins. What an amazing dream come true. :)

Welcome home!!!! Sorry I didn't get to leave many comments while you were in China. The plague hit our household pretty hard. I did follow along and stalk you when I felt well enough to get off the couch! Your blog was beautiful!!!! Thanks for letting me tag along! Get some rest and enjoy your family!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!! (Happy New Year!)

Yeah....you are home! Sorry about the sleep.....that's SO tough. It will get better, but man is hard to function when you haven't slept!

Getting into a "normal" routine is going to feel so good!

Welcome home!

Glad your home with that cutie!!

Welcome home!!! I can TOTALLY relate to not wanting to leave China! Even at this very moment I wish I could wiggle my nose and be back there...in her province and then in Beijing. I want to absorb more of China, experience more of it and bask in all (except the food :o) that is China! Like you, we will be going back someday for sure too!

I hope you're able to settle into your new time zone soon. Just do what is best for your family regardless of what others may say. For the first month home Hannah didn't get up until 10am and everyone told me to change that up but I just took her lead and am so glad I did. Jenny will show you what's best for her and right now as she's adjusting that's what it's all about.

Welcome home friend! Blessings. xo

So I may be a little late (but better late than never, right) ... Welcome home!! I couldn't wait to read our updates (on the other site - and enjoyed Big J's as well) while you were in China, and sat reading in awe with tears streaming down my face many times. Jennifer is just precious!! I am so incredibly happy for you and your family.

hugs ~ Chantele
ps ... thanks for the Valentine's Card. :)

Welcome home, y'all!!!!! I loved reading your other site and can't wait to see and hear how y'all are settling in to life at home.

Congrats on completing this part of your happy journey!! Welcome home!
Hope you are getting some sleep!

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i was so exhausted when we left i don't remember feeling anything but the exhaustion. i'm so glad it was such a positive experience for you and that china had such a big impression on your heart.