21 May 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 13 comments

Let's hear it for the boy...

lalaalaa Let's hear it for the boy...Anyone remember that song?? Okay that's not really the reason for my post, but when I was thinking of a title for this post, that song popped into my head....moving on!

You'll have to bare with me here because I'm about ready to get all proud right now, actually I've been one of THOSE moms since yesterday...."Yeah that's MY boy!!" Big J was awarded yesterday with the most improved overall for the last two years of his junior high career. To say this is not an accomplishment for him is an understatement. He has worked so hard to push past his difficulties and has strived to meet goals that seemed unattainable. Going into 7th grade he was low C's and D's and was reading at a 4.7 year level, that's 4th grade reading level, he is now bringing in A's and B's and some C's here and there but it's the reading that is amazing....it is now 11.7! Eleventh grade! Can I get an AMEN!! Books to him are a joy now not a burden. Amen again!!

He has not done this alone though. Far from it in fact. He has been guided by his teachers and other staff members to be ALL THAT HE CAN BE and for that I am in awe. I am forever in debt to them. One teacher in-particular has taken him under her wing and given him the courage to step past his disabilities, to look beyond the pages of a book and pushed him in ways other's have not been able to do in the past. To him she is a hero and he is not afraid to admit that to anyone. She is my hero too. Now I must decide...do I send her to Paris as a thank you or a day a the spa?? Man I wish I had a million dollars because I'd be sending a lot of teachers to Paris this summer!

So as Mike, myself and Big J's dad sat in the awards ceremony yesterday morning and the awards were being handed out, Jacob was very unsure of what he was getting, he even said a few times..."it's not most improved I'm sure!". As the different catagories were passing by and "most improved" was looming closer, you could see the wonder begin to shine in his eyes.

The moment came and his name was called...enter tears....and many smiles!

My Jacob...
Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I am so proud of you! Proud not only of all you have accomplished but of how you have handled yourself on the way. You are not afraid to let others know of your difficulties. You do not hide your struggles. You share your knowledge. You say it's okay to want to learn when so many others would give up. While you may not know what you want to be when you grow up, I know that you will be an inspiration to all around, a teacher to those who want to learn, a hand to those who need help. Most improved or not, you are MY shinning star always and your successes are what make me try harder with my own dreams. Dream on buddy! Dream on!

I love you more than all the s'mores cooked all summer long!



WOW, That is really impressive. Good job Jacob!

That is awesome. Great job Jake!

Excellent job Jake!!!!!!!!!

Very proud momma moment for you.
Congrats Jake!

Great job Jake..
It is soooo much fun bragging about our kids..
Love ya girly.. have a great weekend..

Congrats Jacob! Job well done!!!

Great job J! That shows that if you work hard and do all you can, you can succeed.

Keep smilin!

Wow! Congratulations to the proud momma and Jacob too: who looks incredibly grown up and High Schoolish already! What a fantastic way to finish the year.

What a wonderful moment!! Way to go Jake!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Whoo hooooo!!!! Coming from a mother who's son has dyslexia I know that this is a HUGE accomplishment!!!!! You brag away I love hearing stories like this...

Singing along to "Let's here it for the boy!!! Let's give the boy a hand".
: ) I'm a geek...I remember all those songs ; P

Congrats Jacob, your rocked it!!

Way to go, Jacob! Very proud of you. Beautiful post, Kayc. I'm proud to have you both in my life...love ya, sis

Way to go Jacob. Wow, High School...really?!