02 June 2010

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Black & White Wednesday - Words

For obviously wonderful reasons I've been unable to write very much lately and oh how I miss it!  I'm so ready to grab pen and paper or sit and type away once again and get back to what I love.   I'm filled with many words lately I just need to find the way to spill them onto paper....that is my goal for the summer!  I guess you're forewarned!  ;)

This picture was taken awhile back when my mom gave me a box filled with correspondence between she and my grandmother.  After a few tweaks I used Chasing Dreams Photography Vanilla Sky B&W texture and I'm thinking it turned out pretty good.  :)  Now if I could just walk away from the photography stuff and focus more on the writing during my down time!  Actually I'm gonna have to make room for both because I've completely forgotten how much I love photography and I've got a lot of relearning to do as it seems the four years of photography classes I took have all but left my brain!

Besides being a total mamarazzi with the kids lately, we are finishing up the final days of school and it couldn't be over quick enough!  We had a great long weekend relaxing and studying for Big J's finals which I never thought I'd be doing again but here I am relearning Algebra!  Here's a few quick shots of our weekend fun....

We had our first swim!  
We enjoyed our first pancake breakfast!
(Allison...I thought you'd like to see those jammies finally fit!)

We just hung out together as a family and enjoyed life!

Happy Wednesday!  Enjoy many more beautiful black and white photos at...


Love the B&W letter really cool shot....summer is here I hope she likes swimming..cute shots.

I love the envelopes! I just love sending and receiving handwritten mail, and it just excites me to see such a great photo featuring letters!

Oh! I must also say the pictures of your kids a great too!

Love you .
MIss you and thank you for the card. you are the best..
Looks like a great weekend..

Nice picture Kayce. Don't the overlays/actions make a big difference?
So glad you guys had a great weekend! The pool looks like fun!!

I am sure you will get back to your passion when the time is right! Seriously, I think I owe you a card and what is my excuse.

I love that b & W. Very cool. Your little one and big one are very sweet! the husband isn't bad either.


Love the b&w of the old letters. The post processing is great!

What a nice feeling - to see some real old-fashioned correspondance.

Looking forward to more words and pictures.

How fun that you have those letters! And the photo came out great!

I know what you mean about not finding time to add words to your photos. Too often, I feel as though my photos speak well enough for themselves but I also know that the stories will be more interesting to my kids when they get older so I'm trying hard to include more of that.


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What a great details shot of the stamps. Great to capture a lost art, letter writing!

Wow. What a special thing to have. Letters. I love those. I miss writing them. Sometimes : )

Wishing you the happiest of summers!

Kayce, I love the letters! I wish i could read them. How special to have.
Your little daughter is so sweet. You should make a book of firsts with the photos.
Thanks for commenting on my blog today.

Beautiful black and white of the letters that mean so much to you, Kayce. And the texture you used suits it so well!!!

Love the other pics, the one of J swimming is adorable!


I so adore that picture!
I really do, you did a great job.
Hope you get a chance a chance to stop by my blog too

Hanging in the pool sounds a lot more fun than relearning algebra :) Hope you are all set to have a wonderful summer together, and find some 'you' time in their too.

Loved this BW! Just really perfect...I can only imagine what was inside all those amazing letters...I'll bet you are enjoying reading them. What a cherished memory to have.

The pictures of the children together just melt my heart!

What a great picture! I wish I had the "eye" to do shots like that!

4 years of photography classes????
Oh my!!!!
Is that what your degree is in???
And you're right...the pic turned out phenomenal!
Tis the bathing suit season!!!!!
Unfortunately, Punk's not a fan of the pool. :(
We had a large inground put in our backyard 2 years ago.
Was hoping she'd take to it like mySamuelson.
Looks like she's going to be more like Mad was.
And pancakes are a staple in this household. :)
BTW, when you get a moment, got to this post in my blog: http://wemmicks-in-training.blogspot.com/2010/06/acceptance-speech.html
I bequeathed you another award.
You're just that good! ;)


boy oh boy, I am in love with those pig tails. HOW CUTE!! Keep 'em coming =)

Love the letter shot! What great memories to be had in those envelopes. I just want to know where was CXH the day all the YY girls got enough hair for pigtails?? Seriously! Happy Summer!

Great picture! I love seeing Jennifer in the pool...she's changing constantly!

I love the black and white photo of the lettters....it looks beautiful and I love the texture on it:)

Looks like summer fun is in full swing at your house....we have two more weeks of school....finals this week for Nick....YUCK!!!

Great picture of the letters, really draws you in to take a closer look!

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