03 March 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009 - 15 comments

The Mother Load!

Since I was little I've always loved the art of writing letters but somewhere over the years I've stopped my correspondence skills. As we know, it's hard to sit down and write a letter let alone send a card to anyone these days, now we can just sit down and compose an email and hit send in a matter of minutes and usually you'll get a response with in a day, more or less. For the last two years I've made "letter correspondence" as one of my New Year goals and so far this year I've done pretty good at keeping the post man busy. I feel once again like I did as a young girl, writing my family and friends and searching out the right words to make come out of my pen and onto paper.

As a kid I didn't understand my love of writing and until today I was still in the dark about my skill, I just have always done it. Well today my mom brought over a box overflowing with letters! I suddenly realized where my love of pen and paper has derived from, my mommie. She's the consummate letter writer and it is so obvious as this box is filled with life, love, laughter, joy and tears of correspondence between my grandmother and my mom. It begins when my parents wed and goes through the years of their lives and mine, it includes pictures, stories, memories and much, much more. I can not wait to dive in!

Thank you mom for giving me the love of letter correspondence and for sharing with me this gift, wrapped up in an envelope. I love you. I love you!


Wow, that sounds incredible!!! What a wonderful gift.

That is very cool!

and, thank you, for sending me some very lovely cards and notes.


Oh, wow!!!! This is SUCH a treasure. What a lot of family history.

What an amazing gift!

Wow....What an awesome gift!!

Truly an amazing piece of your history... What a wonderful treasure to hold.

I long for the days when we put pen to paper... I too, the pack rat I am, have boxes of letters from my childhood when we moved across the country away from family and friends... we wrote daily and I saved them all. I just wish they didn't end at such a young age... I wish I still had the time and the desire... but unfortunately I know that the desired result would not come and that is the hindrance..

so amazing Kayce!! Speaking of letters, thank you so much for you sweet Valentines Card!! You are so thoughtful. Snail mail is the best ! :) Hope your week is going well!


This is beautiful and the pictures are just poetic...loved it...how fun for you.

You have to tell us if you come across some juicy juice!

Big hug


I love that. What great memories & what fun it would be to read the writings of you mom and grandma.


What a wonderful gift. Such treasured keepsakes, enjoy a step back in time with your Mom and Grandma's hearfelt sentiments..

AWESOME! What an amazing gift.

That is so sweet just like you. Thanks so much for the heart day card you are great at this letter writing I am a boob at even saying thank you.

What a treasure!

Terrye in FL

Beautiful and very cool shots!!

I was thinking of you while we were there Kayce!! It was last min and tight schedule or I might have let you know!!

So neat to know about that special place by the otters. It was the last thing we did and the first thing I wanted to! Ahrd to find your way up there, haha