03 November 2010

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Black and White Wednesday - First moment

With November being Adoption Awareness Month, I will be dedicating my Black and White Wednesdays throughout November sharing how adoption has impacted our lives and the moments that have made life so much more incredible.  You can read more about different adoption awareness activities here or learn more about adoption here.  Adoption is one of the most beautiful things to experience whether it's you, a loved one or a your neighbor.

Nothing can prepare you for that first moment when you first look at each other eye to eye just as my daughter and I are doing in the picture below.  The wait wont prepare you.  Your heart can't prepare you.  There are no words to prepare you.  There is absolutely nothing at all.  For me it was an intense few minutes where I felt I was the only person in a room that was filled with people and loud, loud noise everywhere.  I heard and saw nothing except this child in front of me.  I could smell her sweet scent as soon as she was handed to me.  We stared at each other.  Absorbing.  Each scared.  Each unsure.  Me overflowing with love.  Her scared to accept it.  

On the Eighth Day
10:15 am Heaven Time

"God," said the angel.  "What are you doing?"
"I'm creating a woman."
"You made a female last week!"
"This female is a newer model.  
Unlike model A,this one will not be able 
to reproduce in her own likeness,"  God responded.
"You can't do that Sir," cried the angel.  "How will man survive?"

The Lord studied the angel thoughtfully before He answered.
"Every once in a while a little soul is born and for one reason or another, the birth mother cannot care for her.  I needed a stand-in female."

"I think you're going to an awful lot of trouble for just a stand-in," the angel said, shaking his head in bewilderment.  "Have you taken a good look at this one?  You still gave her loving arms to rock a child to sleep and gentle hands to wipe tears from crying eyes.  Plus, I see incredible strength and courage in her face."

"Humm,"  God muttered, listening to the angel.

"And one more thought.  I realize you give all the females giant hearts and fill them full of love, but you made this female's heart even bigger.  Why?"   the angel asked.

Stroking his chin, God answered.  
"Because this female must be able to love a child from the body of another.  
That takes a heart with a little something extra."  

"You know, Lord, I hate to criticize, but all you did was create another mother." 

"I know,"  God said.  "I know."

~C.B. Roe - April 2010

This writing was an incredible gift I received soon after we returned home.  A dear friend wrote it and it is a cherished part of my journey into adoption.  The day my daughter was handed to me, God was the one who placed this child in my arms.  I'm sure of it because if there was another being in that crowed hotel lobby, it was Him.  


That was truly beautiful.

So beautiful! Wonderful picture to illustrate.

Erika B

My mother would love this story... she adpoted 3 babies before she had 4 other kids ( DR told her that she would never have any kids after 6 years trying too.)

Beautiful. xxx

this is such a beautiful shot, it says so much and your words are wonderful.

Oh Kayce - I'm a mess now. What a beautiful tribute your friend wrote. And I love the shot of you and your little cricket. So touching!!!


What an amazing tribute you will cherish for a lifetime. So beautiful!


p.s. I'm just catching up... what an adorable Halloween photo of your little one. She's GORGEOUS!!! :-)

What a beautiful post.

A perfectly magical moment captured so beautifully in black and white! Can't wait to see what you post next week!

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What a nice tribute...love the photo!

it's my first time to join! mine is up as well.
Black & White Wednesday

btw, have followed your blog.

What beautiful writing, and a precious moment captured.

I can only agree with the others, just BEATIFUL!

Wow, Kayce....I have a lump in my throat. Not only was that picture just perfect in every way...those words just touched my heart.

As the mother of one adopted child and one biological one...I can tell you that the love I have for them is equal in every way...equally unsurpassable!!


Ok as I am sitting here remembering the first time I held my daughter (a year ago this month) I am bawling my eyes out!! That is a beautiful writing.

A beautiful post, and a gorgeous shot!

What an incredibly beautiful moment! I can't help but smile!

Beautiful words for such beautiful women - big and little. Thanks for sharing such a special part of you journey!

That is so sweet, it made me cry!

What a beautiful sweet post and a beautiful photo.

This whole post gave me goosebumps. I'm filled with anticipation. :)

it's so true, there is no preparation and it is different (vastly) for each person that experiences it.

i LOVE this photo. it captured that moment perfectly.