31 May 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010 - 8 comments

Make the most of it

Thank you all for your comments, emails and calls regarding my last post.  I'm one to push myself so hard that sometimes I put myself in an overwhelming state of chaos and that is where I'm at right now.   I realized one thing in reading some of the comments and emails....I have forgotten to take care of number one.


Life right now is all. about. my. kids. and I've forgotten that the one who loves them the most is me and if I'm not doing what I need to do for myself then I'm not doing what is good for them.  So for the first time since we've been home from China, I'm making myself take a nap (twice now!) when the cricket goes down and I'm refusing to feel guilty or stress about what I am not getting done.  I'm back in the gym again and determined to stay there even if it is only for half hour.  And as for the mess in my office....well it's gonna have to wait a little bit longer.

For now....I'm going back to enjoying the heck out of this fabulous Memorial Day weekend and I hope you are too!  A special shout out and a BIG thank you to all of our men and women in the military....THANK YOU for your unselfish service to our country.

 We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.  -  Moina Michael


Don't worry... I should be listening to you also... I never take a nap when Shauna goes down and I should... I am looking like a Raccoon for so long... says me typing at 12.17pm :)

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey friend,

glad you are going to enjoy your weekend. I can't imagine the transition you have had over the last few months. so hang in there.


Have a great weekend..

{{{{{{hug}}}}}}} Take care of yourself momma!!!!!

Oh my goodness my dear friend. I just read your last post and I cant belive how that sooooo describes me at various times of my pareting life. I call them the mommy guilts becuase I am always torn and feel horrible and pulled in so many ways. It is sooo hard and I hate feeling that way, but it is a reality and as long as I have been a mom, I have been torn and had a bad case of the guilts. I really hope you can understand there are seasons of parenting and right now you are in a tough one. It gets better but the guild and being torn will always be there. Im sure when we get Finley home from China that I will feel horribly guilty that I am giving her so much time and not enough to the others. It is just the way it is-- so get use to it :) Im still not use to it but Im getting better and some days are better than others but you just keep moving forward. You are an amazing mom!!!!



I just read your last post and I totally get "it", but the one thing I have come to know more than anything else is that being a Mommy means that you will always feel guilty about something!!!! I already feel guilty when it comes to loving Franceska so much, I feel like I am leaving Astrud out and we have talked about it and she says "Mom your crazy!!! Don't worry about it"!!!! But as we know that is easier said than done!!!! Hang in there you are an incredible mother and an awesome friend!! I love you and thank you for the comments about my girl!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

YAY, for YOU time!