17 January 2011

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Bye Bye Baby [21 months!}

As I sit here and type away, I am blown away by the little girl we just tucked into bed.  Little girl.  There hasn't been a ton of change in our cricket in the last month.  The only change I can see is that she is loosing all her baby looks and becoming more and more independent.  I can't look at her anymore and see very much baby left, it seems that the little baby girl I once held so perfectly in my arms now squirms all around in them trying to get comfy.  I find myself counting the days down to her second birthday...second birthday!!!  When did this happen?  Seriously I know it's an age old line...."they grow up so quick" but wow, watching this child grow has been pure joy and it's happened oh so fast!
At 21 months our girl is busy!  Busy like a worker bee!  She goes from sunup until sunset and will only stop for a brief refill of energy so she can keep on keeping on.  Since getting her kitchen for Christmas it's been fun to watch her imagination expand daily.  She's gone from just exploring the kitchen to now making extravagant meals or just playing house.  It's pretty darn cute!  She also loves her baby doll, "Baby" so very much.  She will carry her around the house, feed her a bottle or put her in her shopping basket and push her around the house.   She's a good little momma!
The cricket is talking constantly now.  Little jimmer jabber as I call it.  Nothing is secret from her either!  If she hears us talking about getting her ready for bed, she'll say NO or night night!  If she hears me talking about dinner she'll say eat.  She will now mimic anything someone asks her to say.  She was doing that last month but now it's a constant and of course I had to include a video of that!
What she wont do though is talk in public yet.  She is still very shy around people who are not constants in her life.  Another thing she's started this month is screaming.  Screaming realllllly loud!  It's pretty funny!  The cricket is also is all about saying who's mommy and who's daddy.  This last month has been very sweet watching her point to us in pictures and in a room of people.  She definitely knows who her parents and siblings are and be sure to will tell you.  I've also heard her doing her cricket sounds a lot this last month and it takes me back to those first days in China with her when that was all she'd do...just clicking away.  Whenever I hear her doing it now I stop what I'm doing and just listen.  It makes me tear up every time.  I really need to capture it on video but she does it at really odd times...like in the grocery store, while we're driving or in the bath tub.
As for food likes, she's still all over the place and keeps me on my toes trying to find stuff for her to eat now.  She is all about noodles and will never pass them up.  All protein is still a yuck for her as is most veggies.  I did introduce broccoli and humus to her diet this last month and she loves them!  If you got any ideas for getting those veggies and proteins in, I'd love to hear!!  This is a new thing for me since Big J ate the world when he was little.  We've also seemed to have phased out the mid day bottle and are slowly phasing out the sippy cup which she's happy about as she'd much rather use a big girl cup instead!  Right now she's wearing 18 to 24 month clothing but starting to grow out of them and I'm getting ready to pull out the next box of stored 24 months to 2T!

This last month has flown by and now our girl is 21 months old!  Like I said, not a lot of change but the little changes that have happened are pretty astounding!  I still look at this child everyday and find myself in awe that she is mine and that God has so richly blessed us with her joyful spirit.  There are moments even now that I just hold her and think someone is going to come to the door and say, "okay times up, you've been awesome.  Thanks!".  And then I remind myself that no one is going to ever take this away from me!  In fact we had our final post placement visit last week and we can officially say that we are done with anything having to do with home studies, agencies and the government..............for awhile!


Sophia came to us loving tomatoes. She can't get enough of cherry tomatoes. She also loves broccoli.
Egg drop soup is a big hit too. Pasta and rice.

She is just so sweet! I loved hearing her little voice. :)

She's such a sweetheart Kayce. These little details will be so precious to you. Our memory alone cannot be counted on. Good for you for detailing it all.

Have a great week!

Awww, what a great update and adorable pics too!

awhh! what a sweet reflection of how much your little cricket has blossomed over the past year. I can't believe she will be TWO soon! I remember those first bday pics so clearly. She is as CUTE as ever! LOVED the video. She has such a petite little voice... that I'm not sure I believe she really knows how to SCREAM!?! ;) She's just too sweet for those loud sounds to come out from her!!

Loved the update and the pics...thanks for sharing!

God bless! <><

She is so adorable! Love the video...such a sweet voice. I'm always amazed at how quickly they grow. I just want it to slow down a bit.

She is too sweet for words. She's growing so fast! I love her "I love you's"...she sounds a lot like Kailahni was she says it. It warms my heart. It's insane how quickly all "March 06" babies are changing...it's hard to keep pace with it all.

What a sweet little voice (: She is getting so big! I can't believe how fast they are growing!