12 January 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 23 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Let's Roll

(photo by Big J)

The first adventure of 2011 was a blast!  
We got to spend time with family and see old friends.  
We even found a few new friends!

(photo by Kayce)
 Since I was the driver and main chaser of the little cricket, I didn't take the camera out as much as I had planned so Big J was in charge of capturing life with his new camera and I'm loving his pictures so much!  Here are just a few of my favorites to share for Black and White Wednesday!

(photo by Big J)

We found ourselves at a children's museum one day and had so much fun!  There was so much to see and do and of course the best part was the edible art project at the end (below)!  The picture of my nephew and the lion (above) is one of my favs of the trip!  The kids loved the room filled with all kinds of animals they only dream of seeing in real life that close up.  His expression is just classic!!

(photo by Big J)

(photo by Kayce)
Little miss did great on our trip and was such a trouper with the busy days and not having her daddy around.  She was very clingy with her big brother (which he of course was loving) and she and I got to spend lots of time together snuggling at night, chatting during walks and we even got a day of just she and I.

(photo by Big J)

We came home to a demoed bathroom that now has framed walls with new lights, a new shower and a new closet!  Daddy worked his tail off these last five days!!!!  On top of putting in long hours with the remodel, he also got the house all cleaned up!!  I love you babe!!! 

 And now our holiday break is over and this picture below pretty much sums it all up!  We're TIRED!  I hope to be back around in blogger land again soon...I haven't been around much.  The year has started off with a bang and it seems it's going to be a full one for me.  I'm hoping not to become a once a week poster but right now there's a lot going on and that might be my MO for a while.  Maybe now that school is in again, I actually might have a few minutes of me time again!  LOL!!!  For now I'm off to enjoy what life has to hand me.  Happy Wednesday!

 (photo by Kayce)


Love all the photos. Glad you had a wonderful trip.

Great job on the photos, Big J! Can't wait to see the bathroom!

That lion picture belongs in a magazine! Love it!

She is just so precious. I love your family photos. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

Love the pictures! The lion picture is the best!

Your son took some great photos! Looks like you have a budding photographer in the works. Love the one of you and your little one. I don't have many photos of me and my kids. Nice to have another person taking them of you.

So glad your adventure was a success. And to come home to a new bathroom and clean house...that's the best!

Happy Wednesday to you...


Kayce - OH MY WORD these are precious but that last shot - is beyond!!!! LOVE IT!


Sounds like a great trip! I LOVE the pictures!

These are great - I'm loving the second image.

That last shot of utter exhaustion just made me laugh. Looks like you had a great time and so nice that your hubby made everything pretty for you to come home to.

Big J did a great job on these pics. Chip off the ol block.

Have a great week! (Getting back in the groove.)

The last picture is PRICELESS!!!! It sure does sum up the crazy rush of the holiday season. :o)

LOVE the picture of your nephew!! So funny!!!

Wow! New bathroom and a clean house ~ What a guy!!!

Oh, your little Cricket is just the sweetest. And her big brother is a very talented photographer! That last shot is just priceless.

Erika B

Well your adventure away was quite amazing and you and Big J captured it so well! I have several faves but the one of your nephew and the last one are hilarious!

And what a wonderful hubby you have!!!

Here's to all good things in 2011!!!



Great photos. Love that first one.

Love the pics!

Sorry I never called you. That weekend was hectic and I ended up not leaving the house due to an injury. Next time for sure!

love these well done.

Aww, those last two shots are just so very sweet!!

Amazing photographs...They all turned out wonderful. I love the last one. She looks so exhausted and her brother seems so protective of her.

What great and pricelss memories! Looks like a wonderful time!

take your time. You know we are always out here waiting for you!


she is so cute!!!! Love the pictures...I recognize one of the little dresses I think..: ) I love the colors in your blog Kayce...awesome colors.
Hope you are having a great week!!!