17 December 2010

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It's hard to imagine that my girl is 20 months old today!  HOLY COW!!  The baby in her is almost gone it seems and all that's left is the fact that she still takes a bottle in the morning, at nap and at bedtime and this momma has no problems with that.  It's those 15 minutes of her sitting in my arms snuggled to my chest that a treasure most right now.  It's when I can smell the top of her head and breathe in her sweet scent.  Or when I can just sit for a few minutes and pray over her and for us.  Thank you Lord!
On top of the fact that she is growing taller by the second which is verified by the fact that she can no longer run under the fridge door when it's open.  The poor thing has discovered that fact by smacking into it and being stopped abruptly!  Now she checks when she gets close and gets real low to go under it.
She also not eating like she used to, so I guess she's having real issues with that fridge!  ;)  As for food she no longer likes fish. AT. ALL.  Chicken is not a winner nor is pork.  Beef though is still a fav but unfortunately for her we don't eat it too often, maybe that's why she inhales it when it's on the table.  Veggies have suddenly become something out of a horror flick and she wont come near them unless it's a tomato or a frozen pea.  Now bread products, cheese, noodles and soup are considered the best thing since apple pie!

This last month she has discovered that books hold more than just a way to build a step to get to something up high.  Before this she has not wanted to sit and read a book for more than a few seconds, now though she will bring PILES of books to our laps to read them over and over and over again.  I looooovvvveee this!  She has three very obvious favorites, (besides the holiday ones right now) Goodnight Moon is beyond joy for her and we have to find that mouse on each page!  She adores Baby Honu's Incredible Journey and puts it to bed with her.  Motherbridge of Love was brought out last month and it's never far from sight.  She is entranced by it.  She studies the pictures.  We talk about it constantly.  It is a treasure in our world already.  I am so glad to see an interest in books finally because I LOVE to read and I've been looking forward to passing on that passion to her!

Her language skills are beginning to snowball and we are all waiting for the day she just spews out something in understandable sentences.  She has started stringing words together more and more and is using less sign language and using the spoken word now instead.  She said her name clearly for the first time this last Tuesday night.  She is starting to mimic us and laughs when she does it.  She said I love you after I said it to her and I was a puddle.  She understands everything we say to her and wants SO badly to respond back with more than just yes or no.  She is still very quiet around strangers and has just started to say hello and goodbye to the folks at the small grocery store we shop at.  She is a singer just like me...ummm wonder where she learned that from!  We hum and lalalala our way through stores and quite often get a giggle or two from people but I could care less!  We love to sing and there's nothing wrong with that!
She is one hundred percent a daddies girl.  This last month has been a challenge for me and something new for me to understand.  As a single mom of a little boy, I was his world for a very long time.  I never had to share him and he never had to share me.  Now that's all changed in this instance...a good change! :)  But one I must understand and get used to.  The cricket has been through so much in her little life and has had one too many women walk away from her never to return and this last month it seems she has been testing me to see if I will also leave and never come back to her.  After conversing with a friend (thank you Sandy!), I've come to understand this better and know that it's a test and I'm gonna win this one for sure.  My girl and I are still getting to know each other...it's a process of patience, love and understanding on both parts.  I've got it all and will continuously work at it but she is still a little leery of the (lasting) love part.  Until then I am patient in giving her the love I know she needs and am thankful she is so close with her daddy.  

Sleep is still a major issue and I suspect it to be that way for a very long time.  We spent the last month doing the Ferber method, (fry me if you wish but you're not in my shoes so keep it nice!) and we've had to go back to the drawing board.   We did make some progress while doing the Ferber method but after five weeks we were still no better than we were when we started, although we haven't had nights on end with no sleep since starting it and that is a good thing.  We are still up every night two to four times but it is easy to get her back down now, thank goodness!  There is no terror during these awake times, just the need to have someone there.  Someday we will have consistent sleep, until then my coffee pot is always brewing!
As we begin to make that stretch towards the wonderful age of two, I've seen more and more independence bubble up.  We bought a potty....as you can see from above!  She has been very interested in what goes on in the bathroom and I just thought it was time to introduce the potty.  So far she hasn't "used" it but she sits on it every time I use the little girls room.  Little Miss is very vocal about when she wants something and when she doesn't.  She is very clear that animal print pants are not to be worn...ever.  There are days when she wants a bow in her hair and there are a lot of days when she says, "NO bow!".  If her favorite cartoon is on she'll be happy to enjoy it on the couch three feet from you and don't bother trying to get her to snuggle with you to watch it but don't leave!  After every meal she must re-buckle her high chair snaps and no help please!  Thank you very much!  She would much rather feed herself or feed you before she'll let you feed her.   If she could drive now, she would.

It seems that so much has changed in her in the last month and I look forward to each morning to see what new thing will happen in the day.  Each day is a mystery!  She has now become very aware of her body and where everything is located on hers and other bodies too.  She knows all the parts and can tell you where the dogs nose and ears are too.  Last week I taught her how to nose kiss and she is all about doing that now and just smiles brightly when she gives or receives.  During the photo shoot from below she was enthralled with seeing her belly button in the mirror and seeing herself pointing to her eyes, ears...etc....Good stuff!!

The month ahead is sure to be filled with more change and I'm more than thrilled to be witness of it all!  I expect to hear more and more words come out of her sweet lips and maybe start pulling out the 24 month box of clothes, we're in 12-18 months with a few 6-12s and 18-24s thrown in for good measure.  The one thing I am looking forward to right now is what is to happen next weekend!  Like I've been saying lately...Chirstmas is a gift this year!  Oooo and you know I can't close this out without one more video....loving my Flip still!!  This is one way for me to finish up with dinner and keep little cricket from having a complete meltdown before dinner is served...I so wish we'd never gotten rid of our piano!!!


Jennifer, is cute as a button! Lover her potty and music video!

Sweet post my friend.


She is adorable! I love the picture of her in her tutu standing by the mirror!

you've got a little musician already =)
i love the way she press the key with a finger, instead of just banging the keyboard, and the way she nod her head to the beat, cool!

Thrilled over here with these photos! So very cute! Had to put them on the SJB facebook. Darling!

Wow 20 months already! The time flies!

Just an FYI, Emi will be 3 in Feb and she's been home for nearly 18 months and we're still have the occasional sleep issues. Sometimes it is a full out panic waking but most of the time it's just fussing and she won't settle herself. She also does not like to put herself to bed at night either and we are allowing her to fuss/cry more when we initially put her down for the night. But we can't always let her wake up the entire house so we do get up in the middle of the night to put her back down. Hope it gets better! I'm ready for long weeks where we go without having to get up in the middle of the night!

Jennifer is just gorgeous! We CAME HOME 20 months ago today! Meighan turned 3 yesterday and we're still working on words. She's starting to say 2-3 word phrases but context is the key to understanding her still. She will start preschool Jan. 4 and will have lots of language work which I hope will help.


I so hope some of the sleeping issues get better!!! It is hard when no one is sleeping. Do what you have to do!! No judging here! We didn't co-sleep with Lucy. Some people think that is the only way to do it. I have to check my sugar and get up and down sometimes so co-sleeping was not what I wanted to do. Some days it would have been easier but I am so glad we didn't start it! Lack of sleep hasn't changed Jennifer's cuteness!!! Merry Christmas. It is going to be so much fun this year!!


We have major sleep issues with Linhsey. It's been years. We tried everything, even the method you just tried. I know she has trauma. So sad. We are going to see a therapist for advice. So if you are ever feeling tired, just know I'm right there with you!

She is so cute! Congrats on this milestone!

I love your monthly posts. I can't believe how big Cricket is getting. She is such a cutie!

We are having the same issues with food. What Nugget used to eat last month, he won't touch this month. I was relieved when you said that veggies have become a no no. I was worried.

Nugget and I have a much different relationship that he and R. R is his play buddy. I am his comfort, but then there are times he strikes out. It is hard, but you are so right he needs time, patience, and lots of love. It makes me sad that these babies have to guard their little hearts so.

Thank you so much for this post. It is so good to know that things aren't totally crazy with a toddler ~ just a little crazy! :o)

First of all.... your daughter is so absolutely precious! I LOVE the picture of her looking for her belly button in the mirror. You really captured her perfectly.

As I was reading your post it took me back to so many feeling I had when my little boy was just home. We experienced a lot of the same things. Sleep was a big problem. My husband and I are not able to co-sleep. My son did not want to accept that and would constantly wake up and come into our room. We would do the back and forth (screaming on his part) to the point where my hubby would sleep on his bedroom floor. There was not much sleeping going on around here for a long time. I just want you to know there definitely is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now he asks to go to bed when he's tired (I'm knocking on wood right now!). He is an amazing sleeper. It took a long time and a lot of patience, but it will happen. Whatever way works for you is the best.

I know you are going to have an amazing Christmas with your family. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures and video from your celebration.


Love these photos of your adorable daughter! Our children were pretty good sleepers until age 2-3 when they "discovered monsters". Then we had to sleep with them until they fell asleep. Started weaning them off at age 4, saying we'll keep checking on them. Then miraculously at age 5 they decided they can sleep by themselves! Many times it was horrible for our sleep and sanity, but looking back, it was wonderful to have this time with them. I'm an adult and don't like sleeping alone either so totally understandable that they wouldn't either! Good luck!