15 December 2010

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Black and White Wednesday - It's a wrap!

With Christmas just a mere 10 days away (yup 10 folks!), the excitement is overwhelming!  Big J tries daily to convince us that he needs to open a present early.  He continues to give us updates to his wish list and talks non-stop about when we will all be getting up on Christmas morning or what kind of cookies we should leave for santa.  He may be almost 16 years old but the magic bells of Christmas still ring for him.  I adore that about him!
Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, our cricket has no idea what is to come!  She is in love with all the lights, ornaments, cards, trees, holiday books, decorations, cookie decorating, ribbons and bows and I am loving watching the wonder in her eyes as she experiences her first Christmas.  She will gladly wave to the man in the red suit but is fine with doing it from a distance.  As we pass a store with a Christmas tree in the window she will point and smile.  She's desperately trying to say "Merry Christmas".  We've watched many holiday cartoons and she adores Charlie Brown Christmas the most!  Our bedtime read has now become a large stack of holiday books ranging from Christmas books to stories about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  The magic of the holiday has filled her with a sense of awe and I'm taking none of it for granted!

I hope your holiday season is filled with awe and joy so far!  
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I love the awe and wonder of those first few Christmas's!!

So cute. Love these.

Oh, that last shot is just precious. I love the look of wonder on her face and the bokeh in the photo. Beautiful!

Ooooh, i like these black and white pictures, especially the last one. God bless!

loving "Big J's" spirit!

Happy Holidays my friend.


It is truly an amazing time of year, but extra special for our families this year.

It is something to watch our girls as they experience all that goes along with this beautiful holiday. Enjoy every moment of it!



I love that your 16 year old still gets caught up in the magic! and how exciting to get to enjoy your first Christmas with your little Cricket!!!

Merry Christmas!

I can tell you are having a fabulous Christmas season my friend. Love all of these...but especially the last one of your beautiful girl!

This is the first year that Will has really gotten into the Santa experience, and it's been delightful for us.


So so sweet - this time of year is so magical.

Oh, you've captured that joy and wonderment in these shots. Enjoy it all!!!

Oh my goodness you are going to have the best Christmas this year. Your little sweetie is so adorable! Love the portrait with the bow in her hair. :-)

I was so happy to hear your 16 yr old still loves Santa. My daughter just asked me the other day how Santa was going to get into our house and bring presents for her and her brother (we don't have a fireplace). I had to come up with some crazy story really fast to appease her mind. ;-)

Happy Wednesday to you....


Oh I love that last shot! BEAUTIFUL capture!


I love the awe this time brings as well!! As for Big J, my mom did something called "mystery" presents where we would geta gift a week or so before Christmas and she would write a clue on the package each day and if we could guess what was inside we got to open it! I LOVED that tradition and it sounds like Big J may like it too! :) Have a wonderful awe-filled week!

Love the Christmas awww's... presents are the least of Christmas... Love you my friend..
Can't wait to hear about Christmas morning..
Miss you

Great shots for the season! I just love that last one. She is absolutely adorable.

Erika B

How fun that Big J is still so excited! I wish everyone could be more like that.

LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE your pictures. I must say the last one is my favorite, though. Beautiful.

This is going to be an amazing Christmas for all of us!!!!