03 September 2010

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Daddy's girl

Our little cricket is completely and totally head over heals in love with her daddy.  The world stops when he is around and the space between them becomes filled with giggles and many hugs and kisses.  From a mothers perspective it's pure joy to witness this bond especially knowing that their first moments together were filled with fear, a deep anticipation and many, many tears.

I am forever dressing my girl in tutu's, dresses and all things girly and the cricket's daddy never complains about the fact that a tutu is hard to get into a car seat or that maybe there's a bit too much pink going on for a day or that sometimes he has to pick out a hair bow for the day.  He does it with a smile.   After all she is his princess!

There is no denying that the love between a father and daughter is one full of adventure, compromise, sharing life and pure unbiased love.   To capture a moment in time when the world around was full of no one else but a father and his sweet girl is a treasure to me.

Little Miss J is always ready to give kisses to her daddy.  Always!  Even when a stern no is uttered from his lips for protection or guidance, she will get to her daddy as fast as she can and cover him with kisses as though to say sorry daddy, I know I shouldn't have done that.

 After long days at work, my tired husband always comes home with a smile on his face and joy in his voice.  He immediately gets down at his crickets level and spends the rest of the night with her.   Their time together may be filled with Elmo, a Giants game or just an hour of building something out of nothing, but it is something they both look forward too all day long.  If my day has been full of cranky moments or clinginess, it disappears immediately the minute those boots hit the front door.

Being able to watch this relationship go from fearful acceptance to a love so deep you can't break it, has been nothing less than amazing!  I am in constant awe of how much has changed between these two and how much their worlds mean to each other.   I also am so grateful for a man who provides for us in a way that allows me to witness everything from those early morning stretches to that last kiss goodnight. 
We love you Daddy!


These pictures are fabulous and very touching. It is great to see how close they are. Thanks for sharing.

LOVE this post. you are sooo right a Daddy and his daughter is priceless.. I think of my Daddy every second and remember the joyous times..
Sooooo love this post..
Jennifer is toooo CUTE..
I love it..
Have a great weekend..

There is nothing quite like a Daddy and his daughter...what a beautiful post and pics to match.
Love them ALL, especially the 3rd one down and the last 2! priceless...

Have a wonderful long weekend!


So sweet! Great post and great pictures. One thing I am truly looking forward to is seeing my hubby become a dad, makes me cry a little just thinking about it.

Beautiful post. Words and pictures.

I LOVE these pictures! Those smiles and poses and moments are so special to see!


I'm always so touched when I hear how so many of the girls who have come from China absolutely LOVE their daddies!!! Kailahni loves Doug like no other and vice versa. There nothing sweeter than seeing Lauren Davenport skip through my front door with her daddy when he comes to tutor Jacob...I could go on and on...the daddy love thing is just pure sweetness and joy!

That first pic of Jennifer and Mike is a killer....look how tiny she was! OMG...how quickly we forget!

Beautiful!! What a precious gift from God is a father and daughter's love! How amazing and precious that your husband daily embraces his baby girl and fills her world with so much love!

Just precious..... :)

What beautiful pictures Kayce!! Love the tribute to Dad's it is so wonderful. There is nothing like the Father Daughter bond.

Luv ya!

OMG, this is so precious, Kayce. You are all truly blessed to have each other. But this is so beautiful. xo, Shell

I love the crinkled up nose, too cute!


These are so sweet. Great captures.

What a beautiful post and such love between the two of them. I miss that for my little one. Just love the pics they are great is she walking yet?

Way Too Charming
F A M I L Y Love
Beautiful Series
Me Heart :)

I can't even begin to tell you how completely adorable that last picture is!!!!!!