08 September 2010

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Black and White Wednesday - The Road Ahead

As I was pondering what to do for this weeks black and white entry, Big J piped in and said, "What about that one you took of me hanging out of the truck."  Of course being me and being over the moon in love with my children, I said yes.   I do love this capture for so many reasons, more than I can even express right now.   

It shows both of our perspectives.  Mine looking both ahead and behind and his only looking forward.  And this is exactly where we both are in our journey as mother and son.   I spend my days, and many nights if I'm honest,  thinking about my sons future...what will he be like when he's a grown man, a husband, a dad, a grandfather?  Where will the path chosen for him take him to?  Then I find myself thinking about his childhood and the things we've shared together...trips to far away places, trials and triumphs, innocence, an ice cream cone or a secret handshake.   As he grows further and further into manhood, his childhood becomes more precious to me, something I don't ever want to forget as I age.

For him, he is only looking at what the future holds for him.  Sometimes it's only short term thoughts like driving in a car he has yet to find, plans for next summer, or just what's for dinner.  Other times it's of the long distance future like how he will parent his own children or what his 20's or 30's will be like or if he will become that National Geo. photographer he dreams of becoming.  

He is looking at the road ahead with excited anticipation and with hope for fulfilled dreams.  I do know though that I will be right there to witness each and every skip and each and every stumble.  I also know that he will accomplish all his desires with as much enthusiasm as he provides in my life!  

Oh how I love you so bubba!  Thanks for your help today with this picture and for suggesting to do the background in color...excellent advice!  You are a treasure in my life and I can't wait to watch you shine in your blessed life!   Continue to move forward and to always listen to your heart...you know who speaks to you there.  :)

Love you more than all the stars in the universe! - Mom

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That's such a cool photo! I can totally relate to your words too.


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How cute :-)

Love last weeks B&W Wed. too! I'm in love with Monterey too! But I remember you and I remember you saying you were going to go to Monterey [you had commented on my Carmel-by-the-Sea B&Ws]. So I think I should just follow you! ;-) I enjoy your blog so much!

what a sweet post and the picture is AWESOME!

Beautiful post... I love the reflection --both your thoughts and the picture! :)

That boy of yours looks so full of life! Awesome picture!


That is the coolest picture ever!

Excellent picture and edit! I love the colored background.

Great capture, love your words "And me being over the moon in love with my children"...

What a cool photo! Love the perspective!

LOVE that photo.. and as for Big J in the future.. he will find something he likes and do very well ..
Love ya.

Now that's a great capture! I was looking over your last entry and your Cricket is just adorable!!!

Ha, ha...such cool and fun capture. Love the combination of black and white and colour.

Erika B

This is wonderful. I can FEEL the love you have for your son. He is very lucky. I can't wait to see my boys grow into young men, who they will become, where there lives will take them...

Fantastic post!

Cool picture!! I love love love it!

Love your edit! The b/w in the mirror versus the color around it, nice job. :)

That's an awesome take on looking forward and backward with kids. Nice post.

Awesome Edit! HE is handsome and vivacious dude!!

You must be one proud Momma!


That is a very creative edit! I love the way you related the photo to life. It's inspirational, your son's look on life. You've raised him well!

AWESOME image!!!! and I love what you did with the editing...

You really are a gifted writer you know, I felt that it was me speaking about my own son. You're a wonderful mother, my friend.


Great edit of a fun picture. Beautifully written post.

I was also browsing and your little girl is so cute. So blessed to have you as parents.
I kept looking at all the babies and toddlers during my recent visit to Seoul and Tokyo and thinking how cute and endearing they all are, those were with their mum and dad but I also saw a couple who had just adopted a baby girl and I could have cried to see the joy and love in their faces when they were looking at her. You are all doing such a loving task.

Thank you for your visit and comment at www.everydayiwalkwithyou.blogspot.com

I am also still looking at the wedding photos and catching a detail I had not noticed before.

Have a great day. Take care.xxx

PS: sorry long comment.

This picture just makes me smile!! What a wonderful pitlook both forwards and backwaeds!

Awesome Artistry
S P O T On
Me Heart :)

You HAVE to enter this in an art show! What an awesomly unique pic and I love hearing about your thoughts regarding what the picture resprents to you!