10 September 2010

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All make believe and play

Imagination is the key to a life full of adventure!  That's my thought at least and I'm sticking with it.  :)
As a child I had a beautiful playhouse that I spent many hours in, cooking, playing, dreaming and just being in my own "big girl" space.  I loved it and treasure those memories so much.  Thanks dad!

When we knew we would be adopting a little girl my mind became full of all things make believe and dreamed of having a daughter who would find trunks full of dress-up clothes, a purse or a playhouse the best thing since apple pie.  I haven't been disappointed only amazed because this little girl is nothing but a girly play and make believer!  With this in mind our little crickets daddy spent a few weekends building his girl a home of her own complete with electricity, a dutch door and a porch to relax on.  It's a beautiful replica of our own home!

Last weekend Miss J hosted a little housewarming party to show off her daddy's hard work and to share her dream house to everyone.  Her grandma came with gifts in tow...
...her very own le Creuset cookware and "Jenny Air" stove top!  :)
Here is our cricket showing her other grandma the chalkboard inside and of course the hor d'oeurves!
Her first party was a huge success!  She loved showing everyone all the little things like her mailbox and the light switches that she is very serious about turning off and on.
Now our little cricket wants to do nothing but play in her house.  We've had many a fabulous meal already!  Oh and did I mention that she has to have a purse where ever she goes now.  
Every. Where. We. Go!


WOW I would have loved to have a little house like that when I was a kid!!
That last picture is ADORABLE!

Hey, I want that cookware!

The place house is just magnificent. what a talented Daddy!

And, I love those chunky legs!


What an awesome playhouse! I just love her. Miss yoou guys!

And I love little ones dress..that is the cutest..
How much fun..
I can't wait to come play in the little house..

I agree with Lea, I want that cookware too, LOL!!
The Jenny-aire stove is too cute!!
What a beautiful play house, it is just perfect, great job Daddy. :)

What a wonderful Play house! I am going to have to show this post to my hubby for inspiration :) Cricket is so adorable with that little purse, all girl.

I'm so impressed and more than a little bit envious because I always wanted a play house like this and have been looking everywhere for something like this for my girls. But, alas, no family close enough to help us build it.

I know Cricket will have many years of fun memories in her beautiful play house!

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Awesome house -- way to go daddy!!!! Can we come have a tea party? :-)

Have fun in your beautiful new house Cricket!

What a beautiful and fun play house. Your Cricket will have the most wonderful memories from days spent in her own little house!

What a great Daddy!!!

What a wonderful place to play! Even more wonderful because it was made with love by her daddy. :)

Love this playhouse for miss J!! It is so adorable and what fun she will have playing it in forever!

Gabby had one too when we first moved here. I miss it... I so wanted to move the playhouse when we sold the house. We even were able to fit a twin bed in there so we would nap, read and hide out from the rain! It was a blast.

Your hubby is wonderful!
That was so very sweet of him...

It is hard to believe we have been home for 6 months with Jon Jon!

Jen is so precious. I love her dress.


Wow, that house is amazing! And Cricket looks so adorable in it. :)

That is sooooo cool!! What a little girl's dream! We are so coming to California soon! Too much cool stuff there! Wow!

What an amazing house for your cricket to play with!! SO fun!!! Hannah would like to book a play date for....someday in Cricket's adorable little house!

wow, wow, wow!!!!! Little Miss J your daddy is amazing!!! But, I guess you knew that already. ;) I just love that she had a housewarming party! too cute!! :) Lauren MUST come play someday!

I had a friend down the street who had a playhouse similar to this when I was about 5 yrs old. Playing in that magical space is still some of my most wonderful childhood memories. What an awesome gift for Jenny. Her daddy is one in a million!

What an amazingly magical place!!!

Kayce, Mike did a wonderful job! That playhouse is incredible! Jennifer will spend many many days having fun in that sweet/beautiful house!!

Wow. What a special thing for Miss J. Love that last picture.

That last picture just stole my heart!

How sweet!!!!!!!! Mike did a great job!!! I'd love to come to tea some day!