18 August 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 24 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Sun and making fun!

Last weekend we desperately needed to get out and find the sun and in order for us to do that we have to drive about 40 minutes to escape the fog wall and find the golden sun.  (This summer we've had record lows in over ten years here and weeks have passed without the sun even popping through the fog.)  So we loaded up and went to Gilroy Gardens and just soaked in the hot sun alllll day!  Pure joy for us and not the sun but the joy in watching our cricket experience new things!

 We first got a map and planned our adventure...

We then went on the carousel and had fun looking at each other in the mirrors...

We watched all the activity around us....

We wandered through beautiful gardens and saw dinosaur food!...

And saw wild trees!...

We spun around in a strawberry...

We rode the train and said hi to the conductor....

We laughed!....

We watched the ducks float by...

Found a couple of cute puppies...

And then finally passed out and found our way home!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This week is a VERY special week over at The Long Road to China as the newest member of their beautiful family has arrived!  Congratulations to Lisa, Pat, Nick and Sarah on the referral of their beautiful daughter and sister!  So jump on over there and say congratulations and of course check out everyone's black and whites for the week!


Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!
Your daughter is gorgeous! Love her smile!

Loved every single picture but that last one of your little cricket passed out just melted my heart. What a great way to spend the day.
She's getting so big (yet she's still so tiny!)...I think her face is maturing or maybe that's just all the love you're showering her with that I see!

What a doll!

What a fun outing ~ love the look on her sweet face!


Loved these! I feel like I was right there with you enjoy the day. Your little one is adorable.

Great photos of a fun day! Love the B&W one, so sweet.

Looks like you had tons of fun at Gilroy Gardens. Your little girl is super adorable!! She looks so sweet sitting on the horse in the carousel. :)

I was trying to choose a favorite - but there are so many! Love the map, love the mirror shot, the first b&w is AMAZING...and what a little sleeping beauty in the stroller. Awwww! :-) Great shots! :-)

Great shots ~ Looks exhaustingly good fun! :)

The 5th photo in this series is amazing. I love all your shots, but that look is incredible. Nice capture.

Thanks for sharing.



Looks like a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I laugh at your last shot (well nearly the last) because I would probably be falling asleep as well. I'm now following.

What a great day! Your Cricket is such a munchkin. The b&w's are stunning. So simple and perfect. But I love her on the carousel. You can see she's not quite sure what's happening but I'll bet she loved it!

Happy Wednesday to you.

It looks like a great day out, great photos!

such beautiful photos!! that first black and white of her is STUNNING.

OH MY.... I just can't get enough of your sweet girl. She is so precious Casey....you can see her adorable little personality in these photos. I LOVE the one of her sleeping in her stroller:)

Thanks for the shout out!! We are in heaven.......so in love with our little Hunan girl! Can't wait to get on that big plane to china~



Looks like a day of bliss Kayce...Jennifer ends her days of bliss just like Lauren. :)

In the pic of you and Jennifer on the carousel, you look so peaceful and happy. :)

I'm so excited for your friends who got their referral! Wow, what a rush of emotions referral time is. The start of a beautiful journey.

Looks like the perfect day at GG! I love the clever photo in the mirror on the carousel! And I can't believe I've never seen dinosaur food on any of our previous 87 visits to that place!


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I looks like you had a wonderful day. I love the photo with the stuffed puppies.

Thank you for commenting on my blog =)
I loved your black and white wednesday entry! your daughter is beautiful =) I'm glad to find new blogs like yours :)

Fun Staples
Lovely B&W
Me Heart :)

I've fallen so behind on your blog...it was fun catching up! These pics are great! What an awesome day! I would do just about anything for some clouds and fog....it's so hot and humid in Phoenix these days....YUCK!

Jennifer is changing so quickly...her looks keep maturing...she's such a little sweetie pie!

What a wonderful day! The photos are fabulous and Jennifer is so cute!
Terri S.

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What a wonderful place to visit. I will have to put that on my list of places to visit one day.

Your photos were beautiful. My favorite was the b/w profile shot of the two of you - what a great picture.

-- kelly :-)