16 August 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010 - 12 comments

Cricket bits - 15/16 months

It's hard to believe that our baby cricket is turning 16 months old this week!   I have to say that (thankfully) time is moving slowly and sweetly by and we are enjoying watching this beautiful girl blossom and witness her personality emerge with every minute that passes in a day.   And sometimes it really feels like we are witnessing something miraculous!

So in the last two months these are some of the things we have had the joyful pleasure of being a part of with our little cricket...

She has four teeth up top with her two 15 month molars coming in and four itty bitty teeth on the bottom.

At her last well baby check up she weighed in at 19.15 pounds and is a hair under 30 inches long!  Yeah she's on the charts!

Reading is a favorite and she'd rather do it herself than have us do it.  When it's really quite in the house I often find her like this...

She's a crawling machine still!  Once on the ground she is gone in a blink of an eye and of course always goes straight for the stairs!  On Sunday (8/15/10) she took two unassisted steps and was SO proud of herself as were her daddy and mommy.   The results of her hip x-rays came back with no dysplasia but she is still dragging her leg a bit and her left foot is still pointed out a bit.  The doc was not too worried but it is something we are watching closely and will re-evaluate if she is not walking by 18 months.  I think walking will be something she will be a pro at by then though!

Her vocabulary is still growing and her little voice is becoming clearer and clearer.  She's now added....daddy, get (which is what she tells Ella when she's trying to steal her food), hot, mmmmm (yum) and here.  Whining has also started when she is not getting what she wants...oye!

We have been doing lots of sign language with her and she, like all kids, picks it up fast!  Her favorites are...dog, milk, water, flower, please, all done, more, book and bird.

In the last two months her personality is just starting to really bloom.  She's now got the look down when she doesn't want something (above pic)...she'll shake her head no and give you a look that could crack up a Royal Guard.  She will burst into laughter and put her head on her forehead while doing it.  She'll hold our faces while giving us a kiss and gives kisses whenever we do something she likes.  If she's on my back in the Ergo she'll try to reach around to kiss me while we're out walking...cracks me up!  She dances and sings allllllllll the time.  She is rarely grumpy and will let you know if she's done by signing it.  She is ALL girl and wants anything pink and is eager to pick out her clothes and a hair bow to match.

Computers and anything electronic are better than any toy imaginable so we pulled out my old eMac and set it up in the playroom for her to "have at it" and let me tell you she'll be teaching us stuff before she's in kindergarden!

The last two months she's tried lots of new food and isn't scared to try anything and loves pretty much everything.  Some new foods have been...brussels sprouts, kiwi, grapes, mayan squash, garlic mash potatoes, rice pilaf, and In-n-Out Burgers!

She's a huge helper now and wants to do everything that mommy does!  :)  And she is just as loud and wild as her mommy is and that is a great thing!  :)

We are so excited to see what the next month holds and what kinds of accomplishments our sweet daughter makes.  We will be right there for every single thing!  We still stare at her in utter amazement that God put this little life in our hands.  There is not a day that goes by that is not precious and or taken for granted...God is amazing!


yep, yep, yep...you're so going back, I know it. LOL. I see so much of what I was feeling in you. :) So happy for you.

She's getting so big and independent and just adorable! Your pictures are so sweet :) I love the one of her reading on her little couch.

She's absolutely wonderful! You are so blessed. :)

Kayce these pictures of Jennifer remind me so much of our Jen at that age.
Your Cricket is just the sweetest, most gorgeous baby, her little grin melts my heart everytime I see picture.

Girl! Seriously - those pictures are adorable...the one of her in the chair? My gosh...edible!

Keira surprises us everyday with new stuff or just ridiculously cute antics...her latest? "Muah" while she kisses us. Be. Still. My. Heart.

I just absolutely LOVE all the pic's Kayce!! She is just too cute! I'm glad you are enjoying your summer together!

Great post, Cricket is absolutely adorable!!

Sounds like cricket is keep you all on your toes and squeezing every last drop from the day :)

Toooo CUTE..
I sooo cannot wait to meet you guys in person..
LOVE You and sooo glad things are going well.

Look at her grow!! Cricket is so precious and what a little doll! It's such fun to see where she's at developmentally as she's so close in age to Hannah.

Such a happy, fun, delightful little girl you have!