23 August 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010 - 12 comments

And so it begins.

Today marks Big J's first day of his sophomore year in high school and of course the day dawned before I could even close my eyes or attempt to wrap my head around the fact that summer is gone.   It was by far a most fabulous summer for Big J, one filled with many miles added to his adventures and one filled with a growth both spiritually and physically.

As I lay in bed last night fretting over what words of wisdom I would offer to him, all I could think of was the fact that in just a few years his high school years will be a thing of the past.   I pondered what to say and what not to say.  I fell asleep with no clue as to what I could possibly say to make him understand what I wanted for him this year.   I woke up with the same realization and with no better idea of wisdom for him and the fact that next year he will not have enough fingers to put up an eleven.

In the end as I got up on my tippy toes to give him a kiss and look in his eyes to tell him to have a great first day, I just said..."Have fun this year and make the choices that will make you proud.  You will always be my superstar and I am SO proud to be your mom...I love you"  Of course when the car door shut and the car pool pulled away I turned my head and started to cry.  When did my little guy turn into a man and where have the last 10 years gone?


awwww!!! I remember that time. Totally strange.

Congrats and hope his day is great! I also love your pics in last post. Awesome.

Geez, I've never even met Big J but I've been seeing your back to school pics since 2006 so it's amazing to see he has, indeed, changed before our eyes into a young man. Incredible.

He and Taylor are the same age as you know and I am definitely struggling with the "he could/will likely be leave us in 3 years" thing. Taylor will be driving soon and it's all hard - not ready to let go of my son yet... for years we called him "P-nut" because he was so small, and now he is all grown up. :(

Hope he has a fantastic year!

Wishing Big J a fantastic year.

Hope he has a fantastic year!

Big J will do well.. he has the best parents that have taught him well.
And they will always make you cry..
Nick made me cry today..
Love you my friend..

Gosh Kayce, it really seems like yesterday that you were posting his first day of school LAST year! Go gett'em Big J!

one very cool dude! He will do fine! Look who his mommy is!


Good luck... have fun and study, study, study cause it will pay off in the long run :)

You're freaking me out. My Jacob and Benjamin are in 6th and 8th this year, and believe me I am relishing in that fact...next year I'll have a Middle Schooler and a High Schooler....YIKES!!!! Where the heck does the time go?!

Jacob looks excited and happy to be starting his Sophmore year....he'll do great!

Have a great year Big J!

What a terrific young man...kind of like a view into the future for me...I just can't even imagine my guys that big someday!