19 May 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 15 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Imagination

For some reason oak trees bring out my imagination, I don't know why.
They are just amazingly beautiful in so many different ways.
When I see an old oak I find myself playing in it's shadows.
I ponder where the best spot would be for my tree house.
Laying under an oaks massive canopy one can only wonder is age,
or who has swung from it's limbs in the years gone by.
My imagination runs wild as I close my eyes and listen to the 
wind blow through it's mighty branches.

This weeks black and white was taken while we were camping in the Pinnacles and I was experimenting with the M setting.  I so DO NOT know what I'm doing, but I'm having a heck of a fun time trying!  The picture is too washed out but I just loved how the trees darkened and came alive when I converted the pic to B/W.  I'm so excited for the upcoming week as I just got a new lens (50mm f/1.8) today and am bitting at the bit to PLAY!!!  Now if I could just get my kiddos to stop for a second so I can snap a few!  

Do click below and enjoy many beautiful black and white pics!!


Gorgeous! I love this picture...I hope you frame it!

Lovely! Really, really beautiful!

You are so smart! I think that is great you are trying new settings and having fun! And I also love your picture. I don't think things have to be technically perfect to be beautiful! You are learning and growing and that is just AWESOME! I love trees :)

Beautiful black and white...and you are going to LOVE that lens Kayce. Have fun with it. You have a great eye, keep on playing.

Happy Wednesday!

Looks like you are having fun. I would crop around that oak tree and frame it. I love the simple beauty of a tree.

Cool pic. I don't even know what a M setting is....but I wish I did. I love taking pictures.

Kayce, pick up the book 'Understanding Exposure' by Bryan Peterson. It will explain how to properly expose using manual, and how each of the three settings, ISO, SHutter speed, and f-stop, go together to make an image! :)

I love the soft feel to this photo!

Great tree - what history it holds. I really like the contrast between the foreground and the darkness of the trunk and limbs in your picture.

You know I have know idea of what I am doing either...and your right It is fun!

Great picture!

nice shot!! DO VISIT MINE

beautiful picture and post!


This is just GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it:)

Playing catch-up, my friend!
Am utterly SHOCKED how far I've gotten behind in blogging!
Either that or you're taking off with that new lens. ;)
We should be getting our new Nikon in the mail tomorrow (D3000). We can't wait!!! Hubby's already been reading about how to use it from a few bloggers tutorials online. I'll eventually get around to it. Am still trying to figure out the heart monitor on my Forerunner GPS watch!!!
BTW, am with you on the oak trees. They always take me back to my childhood and one of my fave children's stories: Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree".