17 May 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010 - 13 comments

Cricket tidbits at 13 months

Wellllll we're growing and moving and grooving around here!  I can't believe that our little cricket is 13 months old today!  She is changing SO much every day that by the time the day is done she's accomplished something new and/or has moved on to the next milestone.

  • As of today she officially has 4 teeth and let me tell you she's amazing when it comes to teething.  Not a single complaint, no fever, no runny nose...nada, just TONS of drool.  :)

  • Now that we have some serious teeth we are starting to venture into more solid table food which always makes for a fun mess!  She will eat anything and then will shake her head no when she's done with one thing and wants another which she is pointing to the entire time. 
  • Miss cricket is into EVERYTHING!  And if you don't let her inspect it, ummm watch out!  She has to check out everything that crosses her path whether it's a flick of dust or a tree.  
  • Her vocabulary is now mostly one word..."that" which sounds more like "dat" and goes with a pointing finger and pretty much means "what is that?".   This is constant.  All the time.  Everywhere we go.  It's the cutest thing in the world.  We have to explain A LOT of things.  The people at the grocery store are alway laughing at me when I'm explaining stuff to her...."well this is a pepper it's hot, oh and that's a bunch of mint, well that's a cantaloupe, this is a bag of chips, that's a fish."...and it goes on and on.
  • She and Big J are inseparable.   Once school is out and Big J is home you'd better watch out because if Mike or I have too much hands on time with her we're told we're "hogging" her and it's his time with his sister.  CUTE!  The cricket and I were waiting for him the other day and she saw him standing a few yards away talking with someone and she yells..."bubba!!"  More CUTE!  It also never fails that Big J can turn her frown upside down into full blown giggles...I'm working on a video of that.
  • She now pulls all bow, clips, hats off her head and then will do it again because her mommy for some reason REALLLLLY wants to keep that dang bow on her head!
  • We started using crafty things this month and it wasn't quite taken with much love but we're still gonna keep trying.  In this particular episode she did NOT like the paint on her hands and as soon as I snapped this shot she began to shake her hands like crazy...needless to say I had a lot of red paint to clean up.
  • Little crickets feet are on fire growing!!  She's just about out of a three and moving into a four quick.  As for clothes, it's a mixed bag.  I can still get her into a few 6 month things but not many, but 12 months are starting to fit better and better everyday, always a bit on the big side but not swallowing her anymore.
  • She is quickly approaching 19 pounds and we're PRAYING or a solid 20 by the end of June so we can turn that car seat around before a summer full of adventure.  Poor cricket is so ready to turn and see the world head on and I can't blame her!
  • Miss cricket is standing up on anything and everything, even great uncles!  She's also beginning to take small steps to reach what is near to where she is standing.  The other day she started laying across her drum to get stuff on the other side...she thinks it's hysterical when she does it.
  • A few friends and family have asked if she ever cries...ummm yup!  While her days are filled with sweet chirps and laughter, her nights can be a little teary as can a day in pig tails and information overload!  :)  Seriously though, the pig tails turn this child into a little wild child!  She GOES non stop all day when I put her hair like that and then we have melt downs like this.  So I'm thinking I know how much my hair hurts when I've got pigs in all day so I'm thinking her head feels the same...just thinkin.  

Welp that's it for this months tidbits...I can't wait to see what the next 30 days is full of with this incredible bit of sunshine in our lives!


It looks like your sweet girl is doing great! Cute pictures!

She is so sweet! It sounds like things are going very well.

She is doing FANTASTIC!!! though you already knew that...what a sweet pea!

I really love the relationship she and Big J have, it reminds me very much of my son Nick and Grace together when Grace was a baby. 'Bubba'...adorable. fun times my friend.


Oh, I love hearing about big brother and mei mei. Too, too cute! (And I can't stand having my hair up all day either. I'm with Cricket on that one.)

She sure is blooming!
Sugar Pie always asks what things are too...followed by How?...then What for?...then she insists on touching it...until she touched something hot.....now the last question she asks is Can I touchie?
I love the pic of her nose scrunched up ;O)

O.k., Kayce...am officially DE-friending you now thanks to outright adorable sweetie-pie Cricket!!!!! ;) No fever, runny nose, COMPLAINT?????? AHHHHH!!!!!! ;) Hope you know I'm kidding, Dearie! :) Have reached that point in our friendship taht i feel comfortable enough in some good-intentioned "ribbing"!
Honestly, am THRILLED you're being spared the "teething trauma" with her.
Did Big J have it?
Sam was actually born with 2 teeth!!! Yep...dead serious!! Freaked even the nurses out!!!
Didn't help with learning to nurse!!!! LOL!
Love to hear about the sister/brother bond developing!
Leah (Punk) reacts that way with Sam.
Touches my heart, no end!
I feel your pain with the bows/clips. (sigh) Have pretty much given up. Her (Leah) hair is just at that length where it's too short to put behind her ears, but too long to stay out of her eyes! She looks like that one muppet on The Muppets. Have newly nicknamed her "Mophead"!! LOL!! :)
Did you keep that first painting??? I framed each of the kids and have them hanging in my laundry room. Just an idea. :)
Sweet Bigfoot, eh??? ;)
The shoes are ADORABLE!
LMTO (Laughing My Tail Off) at the last pic! What a perfect way to end the post!!!!

Much love to you my sweet friend!

P.S. Thanks for clearing up the tat question. :) Good reason to get one. ;)

She is getting so big!!! What a sweetie! I love that you have to clarify that she cries - hehehe. Can't wait to see the final results of your crafting - you know I love me some crafts!! I am all over those $1 frames from Micheal's for kiddo painting (: Hope you all have a great week! Hugs from her YY friend!

I especially loved those little white sandles. How cute*****

She the same size as Kailahni!!! My Kai is bouncing between 18 and 19 lbs. and only recently starting wearing size 4 shoes. The only difference is Kailahni is wearing 18 months clothing....probably because she's a little bit longer than Jennifer. Jennifer's "leaps and bounds" are just amazing! It's awesome to see!

Pigtails do hurt, but they're so dang cute!

That's an impressive amount of drool :)

You sound like you are having so much fun with Cricket, and she sounds like she is eating up life!

Look at her grow! Jennifer is going to be walking full time soon! Very cute!

We have the same shoes lets ware them at the beach togther.


what an awesome update. i SO love this girl's light and fire and personality! and that last picture is classic, left me giggling :O) i love that big j thinks you guys are "hogging" her- nothing better than a doting big brother!

and that photo of her feet? frameable. love it.