20 May 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010 - , 17 comments

Ten Years Loved

Hand in hand we married..
....each other... 
...surounded by our most precious treasures...
...our children...
...our families... 
...our friends...
...under a warm sky with sunlight 
and dreams passing through the trees...
...we sealed our love and passion with words and with laughter...
...that is still pursing through us today... 
...as strong as it was the day we became man and wife....
...ten incredibly blissful years ago today!

Happy...HAPPY!  Anniversary my love!  
There has not been a day in the last ten years that I have not opened my eyes 
in the morning and thanked God for our love and passion 
nor has a night passed that I have again thanked Him for you.  
I can not wait for the next ten years to unfold and see where His path leads us

For today I know that I will share this day, May 20, 2010 with not only you 
but with our beautiful children and together we will tell them all about 
our wedding day and what an amazing day of pure love it was for us!  
I LOVE you!


Happy 10 years my friend..
You are truly blessed..
this brought tears to my eyes..
Love you BIG..

Happy Anniversary 10 is a great year enjoy.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Beautiful post, Happy Anniversary my friend!!! I'm so happy you found each other...you are very blessed. :)


Happy Happy Day! Lovely photos!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

What gorgeous photos. I hope you have both had a lovely Anniversary.

Happy anniversary! 10 years...what a milestone! Enjoy the next 10, and the 10 after that, and the 10 after that......

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful number 10 is!! :)

Your pictures are beautiful! Congratulations!


You are so sweet. This post is outstanding.

You where a beautiful bride.


Oh, happy, happy anniversary! You made a beautiful bride.

what a beautiful wedding and tribute to 10 years! Happy Happy Anniversary!

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, I have followed you for many years now and have read many anniversary post's...so glad to see this year be the year you are able to celebrate with your cricket in your arms.. ;)

oh my gosh kayce! what stunning photos of that first day as a married couple. happy anniversary and thank you for sharing these precious memories with us!

Happy Anniversary!!!

A little late but happy anniversary! You had a beautiful wedding.

Happy anniversary to the both of you!! Your wedding looked so beautiful - what wonderful pictures. Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

-- kelly :-)

Happy (late) Anniversary!!!
So bummed I missed it. :(
What a milestone...10 years!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
BTW, you were a most beautiful bride!