17 April 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - , 20 comments

This is what it's all about!

Sharing a birthday with someone as special as your daughter is an amazing blessing!   A perfect blessing.

I remember my birthday last year and what an incredible day it was.  I was surrounded by family and friends.  I was camping.  I was inundated with ladybugs all weekend.  I was feeling no weight of the wait.  It was just an amazing day.  A blessed day.  Unbeknownst to me, half way around the world a baby slipped into the world and 10 months later that baby was placed in my arms.

Happy Birthday my sweet daughter!  
You are the sweet smell of my roses, the warmth of the setting sun, and like the morning after a spring rain; beautiful!  God has blessed us both!  Spending each year celebrating our births together will be one of my biggest joys and most treasured days in my life.  When we blow out our candles today my wish will have already come true!  You are my wishes and dreams come true.
Happy Birthday sweet girl.


Happy birthday to you both.
May you have a perfectly wonderful day.

Happy Birthday! Jennifer's shirt is a hoot! I love it!

Happy Birthday my friend to you and your Sweet Baby Girl..
Sooo happy for you ..
Love Jennifers shirt.. too cute..
Thinking of you today..

My beautiful daughter and granddaughter....happy birthday my two miracles....you are both loved and treasured by me....xoxox!

Happy happy birthday Kayce and Cricket! Oh how I wanted to be there. I will be there in spirit.

Happy Bithday to you both. We so wish we could have been there to celebrate this glorious day with you. Can't wait to see you both this summer. Have a great day and enjoy your wish come true.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know every minute will be perfectly perfect. Best Wishes and Great Days - Allison

How special that you guys share a birthday! Happy Birthday to you both!

Awww. Happy Birthday to you both! What a special blessing to share your birthday day with your girl!

Happy Birthday to you both!
The first of many. Finally together.

What an awesome day! Happy birthday to you both!!!!! What a great year this will be!

Sorry it is a little late... a huge happy birthday to you and yep, that little extra special with little Cricket there... sending you a ton of hugs...


I love the t-shirt!


Happy Birthday!!!!! How awesome to celebrate your happy day together!

Love the shirt! Happy b-day!!!

I still can't believe you guys share the same birthday. That's so amazing! Jennifer's looks are changing quickly....she's looks so healthy and well cared for. LOVED, I should say!

Happy birthday to both of you!

Happy Sweet Birthday to both of you!!!


Happy birthday to two beautiful girls!

Chills just reading this and Tears of happiness in my eyes.

Happy Happy Birthday....wishes really do come true!