19 April 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010 - , 23 comments

Party wishes and dreams

If the day had of been raining and cold the joy would still have been there, but we were completely blessed with the most beautiful of days.  To make the day perfect, our cricket was surrounded by all of her friends and family which made for much joy!  Now that the decorations are down and the festivities are cleaned up, we are loving going through all the pictures and watching the fun videos!  Enjoy!!

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The best part of the day was by far the cake!  Not only was it to die for YUMMY but it was also fun to watch the cricket enjoy her first ever bit of sugar and discover the joys of making a mess.  God is good!!

Another part of the celebration was for guests to make donations to their favorite charities in lieu of gifts and we were so excited to see some of the charities people donated to in our crickets name.  Here's a few...

A day to remember forever and always!  


Looks like a perfect day! Cricket is just too cute!

Wonderful! I love that y'all did donations in lieu of gifts.

What a cute birthday party. Her cake is stunning!

Looks like you both had a great birthday! We too had thought about doing donating to our favorite charities in lieu of gifts for Emi's birthday but didn't. I regret it because we have stuff that we don't have room for. I think we'll do it next year or at least give it as an option.

Jennifer is so very, very cute. I can imagine why you just want to kiss her sweet cheeks all day!

Loved every second of the video!!!

Especially the discussion at the end of who was going to teach her Algebra!!! LOL!!

Such a wonderful First Birthday party for Jennifer and I'm sure one of your most special Birthday's yet...

Happy Birthday Momma & Cricket...
Love to you all...

Also loved the video...the Cricket is a little sweetheart. I remember Grace being that age so well!

Also loved how you asked for the guests to make donations instead of giving gifts. Great idea.


What a SPECIAL day!!! LOVE the pictures and the video. The Red Envelope tree is such a neat idea. Love the gift boxes also. Looks like a wonderful party!

I love how Cricket is more interested in the flower than the cake. :o)

Happy be-lated birthday to both of you!!

What a sweetie! She's so cute! Happy 1st Birthday!

Looks like a wonderful day..
love the photos....
toooo cute..
have a great evening..

a very happy belated to the 2 of you. J is so darn adorable!! i miss the time i used to have to visit blogs :O)

I have been following your blog for a while now - I first started following Catherine's(Hannah's) blog and found yours. The love you can feel from your family is phenomenal! Cricket is so dang cute!
Thanks for providing happy moments to my husband and myself through your amazing family life.
God Bless you all and Happy Birthday to both of you.

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I love the cake pictures!

Oh, what a special day! Your Cricket looks ADORABLE in her birthday tutu... I loved all the photos and the video!! Indeed, God is good...so many blessings to be thankful for on this special occasion! <><

And what a wonderful idea to do donations in lieu of gifts! May God bless you all for your giving and thoughtful hearts!!


....pure joy! xoxoxo,me

Love the photos. Your girl really knows how to enjoy a cake :) Glad you saw you dreams come true.

Adorable. Love how the puppies know exactly where to stand! Happy Birthday LIttle one! xo

She looks like a totally different child than just a few weeks ago - such happiness and light from the bottoms of her pink Chucks to the tip of her head! It's amazing how quickly love and family can work! Love the outfit and beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday To You Both! What a great celebration!

Happy birthday to two beautiful girls!! :-)

Looks like a wonderful party--you guys did such an awesome job. Joy everywhere.

I am sitting here crying. so sweet.


What a fun day. Love the cake time. The donation gifts were a great idea. Wish we could have been there to celebreate with you both. Look forward to some speical time this summer.

Soooo sweet!
Love the in Leu of gifts idea!

I just LOVED watching the video and the smilebox...what a TREAT...felt like I was there.

I love all your little touches, the lanterns, the 1 tee shirt, the adorable tutu and chucks...the gifts for the guests and the wonderful idea of donations in lieu of gifts. You thought of it all.

And that cake...oh, well...I think I put on 20lbs just looking at it. Loved the ladybug theme.

What a gorgeous day you had to celebrate your angel's very first year.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer and many, many more!

I LOVE the "What's going on" look she's throwing at everyone as the singing started!

And the cake!!!!!! OH MY!!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

I have a friend that has a cake business...she makes BEAUTIFUL cakes, like this one! In March she made a bowling alley cake for mySamuelson and this month a kitten on a ball of yarn for Miss Gracie! The talent it takes to pull these decorative cakes off....

But back to birthday girl! ;)

LOVE the 1 tutu!!! You have a Hope Chest? That's def. a keeper!

Felt like I was there...thanks to the video. Thanks ssoooo much for including it. Was wonderful to put your voice with your pic, see the joy on the faces of the many of people who love Cricket, and to watch the expressions move across her face.