21 April 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 14 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Peace

At the shore I always find peace in my troubles.
Is it the waves that wash them away I wonder?
Does the sky just blow them to sea?
When I walk the line of the ocean 
I can always find peace in it's uneven path.
As I retrace my footsteps upon return
they are always washed away, 
as are my worries that sometimes trouble me so.

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Have a great week..

Oh my....words to live by. And what a great shot. I love it!

Wow...such powerful words, especially the part about the footsteps being washed away just like your troubles.

I just loved this post...and the image is beautiful.

Ah, to hear the ocean and the waves roll up to my feet....I'm counting the days until I am there again (in about 6 weeks I can happily say!)

This looks so wonderful and so peaceful!! Great little poem too! Very nice!

Beautiful photo, beautiful words. Perfect post!

Would love to be running through the waves and sand today. We have had hail and rain with bouts of sun today!Happy Wednesday!

Awesome picture. And you are so right. The shore does seem like a peaceful place : ) Very serene! It helps me remember that there is something bigger than myself.

Beautiful! We all need a day at the Beach:)

Lovely ... poem and picture both.

really beautiful...

Kayce!!! This is gorgeous!!! Truly and beautiful picture and the post is wonderful!!!!

Beautiful!! I love pictures of the ocean. It really calms your soul when your down.

Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and commenting, it helped make my day a little brighter!

Kayce, this is really beautiful! I can only imagine how it looked in color because this black and white is pure perfection!

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Beautiful beach and it looks great in BW. Thank you for the nice comment on my "eyes" picture. By the way I read your post for today and I am now really scared to have our little ones become not so little. Our oldest is 8 so I know the teenage years will be here before we know it! Good luck and stay strong.