28 April 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 18 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Always stop to smell the roses

My most treasured moment of the year has happened here at the beach....our roses have begun to bloom!  This year though is that much sweeter since we get to enjoy them with our little cricket whom we have planted many a bush for over the years.  It's so much fun to watch her explore the textures of the petals and learn to smell the fragrance of each rose.

The first bloom to open it's tender petals this year was our Rainbow Sherbet which is Big J's rose.  I love the smell and color of it, it smells just like sherbet!   Here is that first bud which of course I cut off and gave immediately to the most beautiful girl in the house!

And just to add some sherbet color to your day.....

Our climbing "baby princess rose" (that's not the name but just what I call it)
is also flourishing this week!   The best part of these sweet buds, 
is seeing them in tiny vases all around my house and 
of course picking them with my cricket each night before bed.  
Oh how I love this time of year in our garden! 

Enjoy more beautiful black and white 
photos by clicking the link below...


Gorgeous flowers and pictures! Happy Wednesday!

Have a wonderful day..

What gorgeous photos! Your cricket is adorable! :D

Yall have some pretty roses! Love your pictures!

Beautiful roses! Beautiful baby! Your life is beautiful. :)

Oh....sweet baby cheeks and roses. That's nirvana for me.

I love that you are celebrating each little joy with your Cricket. And your pictures are wonderful.

Oh, beautiful! The black and whites are lovely, but I'm glad you shared the sherbet rose in color. It's stunning!

What totally beautiful pictures. Love them!! I love the orange against the white in the 2nd pic. Very pretty and of course the little girl wearing the white is not too bad herself :)

Beautiful!! Love her baby cheeks!!

georgous photos

happy wednesday

Oh my, she is absolutely beautiful!
Your photos are lovely.


She is so beautiful...... Oh my.... I bet you never stop smiling!! What a blessing.....

Sounds like you are all doing so well!! I am so happy for you Kayce.....



Well a sweet baby girl in a garden is truly my idea of heaven...stunning. I'm a rose lover too my friend!

Hope you're having a great week. :)

I adore her knitted eyebrows.

O.K. my dear...I need your tips: I can't grow roses to save my life!!!! ARGH!!! :) Does the soil have to be a certain ph, certain type of food, certain amount of water, do I need to sing to it by the light of te moon????? LOL!
What an absolutely special memories you're making with her! I can see her 30 years down the road leading you through the roses by hand...

Much love....

beautiful shots!