30 April 2010

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The Joy. The Wonderment. The Love.

Tomorrow marks three months since the beautiful growth of our family.  The days have been wonderfully slow and we've taken the time to enjoy every second.  To say it's been three months seems SO strange as it really seems as though it's been forever, as though our cricket has been here since her birth.   Not a moment has gone by where we have not found utter joy in it.

In the three months so much has changed about our girl.  She has gone from having the abilities of a newborn to quickly catching up.  Watching the changes have been like watching a baby grow on super fast forward, especially those first days in China.  When this tiny child was handed to us she could barely hold her head up on her own and when placed on her tummy she couldn't lift her head for anything in the world.

By day three she was stronger and having solids for the first time ever.

By day 5 and 6 she finally mastered holding her head up and loved gazing at her hands that she'd always felt but never saw.

By the time we came home she was comfortable sitting with help and could stand up on her wobbly legs.

And since we've been home she has flourished and watching it has been pure wonderment!  Today our little cricket now has two lower teeth and absolutely hates it when she bites her fingers as she's sucking away on them.

She finally mastered sitting up on her own between Easter and her birthday.  Listening to her grunt to get up is comedy every time!

She has discovered that she can now grab onto something solid and pull herself right on up!  She thinks it's too funny and will enjoy going up and down until she moves on to the next adventure.

The army crawl is still her mode of transportation, but holy cow is she quick!  She is just now starting to get up on hands and knees and rock, so maybe crawling is coming soon.

Our sling time as vanished and while it makes me sad, I am happy that she still loves to be in the Ergo when we walk or are needing close time.  Those first weeks of having her close to me and feeling her relax next to my body was so wonderful.  I used to pull that sling out and she would just light up and then melt inside it.  Every once in a while I'll try to use it, but she just is too active now.  So for now I just live in the memories.

Music is a constant for her.  She LOVES it almost as much as her mommy.  She will clap and dance away at church and is always singing in the car with mommy, but of course her tune is much better than mine!  ;)  During the day she and I always find ourselves dancing to songs which she just loves,  I should really get video of that!

Nighttime is still an issue.  It's not as bad as it was but we still have many nights of rocking away the tears and whispering I love you's in her ears.  She definitely is the lightest sleeper I've ever encountered, as the littlest noise will wake her.  Naps are getting longer, as long as there is nothing to wake her or we are walking for MILES on the beach, which isn't so bad for the new mommy weight I've put on!  Patience is everything and thank goodness that was something I gained from waiting for God to place THIS child in my arms.

The outdoors is a definite passion for her.  Each night before bed we take a walk in our garden and inspect the flowers and everything else happening outside, she loves it.

We took our cricket to her first baseball game on Monday and she was in heaven!  We can't wait for the next game we've got tickets for...Chinese Heritage Night!  Oh my we've waited five very long years to enjoy this game with our girl.

She'll kiss her doll or her stuffed bear anytime she sees it and it always melts our hearts.  Funny story behind that...Mike was teaching her to do that for weeks and I had no idea, so one day at my grandmas house she up and kisses a bear that was there all on her own and I just about come unglued with excitement!  I called Mike to tell him and he says, "finally she does it by herself, I've been working with her on that for weeks!"   Like I said I had no clue.

Our cricket's vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger everyday!  Her voice is this little tiny soft song, it's so cute!  She can now say...Ella, Hi, mama, dadda, mmmmmm (yummmmmm) and is working on buba (brother) and of course can shake her head NO at everything that she wants nothing to do with.  She babbles so much that we laugh and think that one day she'll just start talking full sentences completely out of the blue.

And then there is the love.  Could love be any bigger than this?  What the next three months will hold we don't know, but what I do know is that they will be filled with so much joy, wonderment and LOVE!


Happy three months! What wonderful changes you have all seen. LOVE the last photo!

Gracious she is precious!! Happy 3 month!!

Oh, how I LOVE this post. It just made me smile and happy!

Joy of joys!!! I can not believe it has been 3 months!

She is so adorable and look at how much she has grown...it always amazes me how much our little ones flourish once home : )

Happy 3 months..
I am sooo happy for you my friend.
I soo hope to enjoy all this one day..
I hope to see you soon...

You're all so incredibly blessed!

These photos are some of the most adorable I've ever seen! I love how much your love for your sweet baby comes through in all of your words and photos!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Jennifer's transformation over the past three months is truly amazing. I can't believe the developmental milestones she has worked through. Those bottom teeth are adorable! She is such a doll....the next three months are going to be so fun for you guys! More and more personality to unfold and more FIRSTS...it's the best!

I'm so happy for you Kayce. :)

Happy Three Months! Isn't it amazing how quick it goes... and it makes your heart sing seeing how fast the progress is in such a short time. She looks so good and what a little joy she is to you all! The best three months ever! :)

This just melted my heart. Happy three months together!

Or perhaps she'll do as mySamuelson did and go straight from sitting to cruising/walking! He did the exact same thing Cricket's doing! Pulling up, rocking when on the tummy. Next thing I knew, as I was eagerly watching and waiting for the crawl, he lets go of the table he pulled himself up with one day and takes a step!!!!
Feel so blessed to have come into your alls lives at just the right time. God-ordained no doubt...for it has been an enormous blessing to be a part of this with you!


It's so beautiful to see how much your Cricket has grown in body and soul since she joined your family. The physical growth and gains are amazing but I think it is the change in the expression in her eyes that says most.

Hope you continue to see improvement in her ability to sleep deeply and well.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh my gosh, this is amazing Kayce. I just loved reading this post.

Enjoy my friend. U R so deserving.


Happy 3 months :0)

what a fantastic update. it really is amazing how far she has come in such a short time Kayce. it goes by so fast, doesn't it?

happy 3 months together!