26 April 2010

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Pure sweetness!

Blogging is amazing!  I can't believe the places I've been and the people I've meet since I started this blog oh so long ago.  I was talking to someone a few weeks ago and we both agreed that blogging has provided us with sisters all over the world, we look out for each other, we keep each others families in our prayers and we share a cup of coffee with them each time we sit down and read their blog.  It is a beautiful thing.

One of my blogging sisters awarded me the "Sweet Friend Award" and I feel so honored as she and I have just recently "met" and let me tell you she is one sweet friend!  Cleo at Wemmicks In Training  has become someone who not only keeps me smiling with her wonderful posts of her family adventures, but she has also become a dear friend.  She and I walk a very similar path in life and I am so blessed to have bumped into her along the way.  Thank you my sweet friend!

So with this "Sweet Friend Award" I must list ten things that make me happy...ten??  I think I can do that, actually I know I can do that but can I stop??  :)

First and foremost, my husband.  This man makes me happy even when I'm madder than mad.  I've always said that I'm so thankful that he loves me for who I am and to love me can sometimes be pretty tough, but he gets me and lets me be me.  I love that!  He is always there to wipe my tears and always there to make me laugh.  The day he knocked on my door was the day my life became forever happy.  I love you babe!

Second, my children but really that is first too.  These little individuals are reason enough to start the day with joy in my heart and end the day with nothing but smiles.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not always rainbows and sunshine over here but my children are my reason.  They are my treasures.

Third would most definitely be my family.  I am very lucky to live very close to my family and the family that are as far away as New Zealand, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and the USS Abraham Lincoln, they aren't really that far thanks to Skype and Facebook.  Family is everything to me.  While friends and neighbors may come and go, your family will never leave.

Fourth hands down is my insulin pump.  Not a day, actually an hour goes by where I do not look at it and smile and know that it has made my life much easier and SO much more happier.  I heart my insulin pump.

Fifth would be my camping trailer, but if I didn't have that and had a tent I'd still be happy.  I honestly could live my life camping, no joke.  I don't know if it is because my adventuresome self is out and exploring the world or if it's just waking up every morning smelling a campfire somewhere nearby, but I LURVE camping and my trailer makes it oh so easy to just go with out having to pack it all up first.

Sixth is most definitely my computer...Lil' Bill.  Yup, my computer has a name, doesn't yours??  Without Lil' Bill I would be slightly lost...okay really lost!  Our home is almost completely paper free (as in bills, yellow pages, address books, report cards, and lists) and while it may seem a little extreme, it is my way of saving the environment.  Me and Lil' Bill just doing our part.

Seventh is Big Jimmy.  Big Jimmy should actually be number one but my husband and kids might get a bit mad at me and hey...get your mind out of the gutter!!!!  Big Jimmy is my iPod folks!!   Big Jimmy goes with me WHERE. EVER. I. GO.  Wanna see my kidos, leme pull out Big Jimmy.  Need to know the time, Big Jimmy knows.  Oh I just saw the cutest card in the world and want to send it to a friend right now, Big Jimmy has her address right there for me.  And the best part of Big Jimmy....he knows exactly what music I want to hear all the time.  LOVE Big Jimmy!

Eight has got to be any book.  I will read just about anything...just about.  I can't go to bed without reading.  As I've mentioned before, reading is my escape and will always help me with the wander lust I have.  Ummmmm a good book almost better than coffee!

Nine hands down are my friends near and far.  Without a doubt I can count on them for whatever comes my way from needing a hug to needing a cup of sugar, my friends are always there!  Thank you my sweets!

And ten...a little trip to China.  The wait for our trip to China was worth EVERY second.  I can not begin to tell you how life has changed in our world.  The effects of that trip will impact our future in more ways then we thought it ever could.  The day I step back on the ground of that intensely amazing country I will be blessed again!

So with much love I pass this fun little award on to a few of my sweet friends!

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awhhh..I love this list... definitely a LOT to be thankful for. And you know I share your love for camping/RV's !! ;) The kids wanted to go out looking at them the other day. If it weren't for having to stay focused on getting ready for our travels to China, we SO would've done it!

Yep, this blog world has been an amazing blessing. I can't imagine having walked this journey to our daughter without the amazing prayers, love and support from the adoption community. Even preparing for our trip has been HUGE w/ all fo you that have gone before me. I love getting 'tips and lists' to help with the packing!

Have a blessed week!
~ Tanya

Wonderful things to be happy about! It always amazes me that many time when I talk about my friends there are so many that I have not met in real life...yet.

Have a great week.

What a grateful and wonderful post.

The feelings are extremely mutual my "sweet" friend!


Great happy list! You really are the sweetest friend...

I cannot get enough of your sweet gal! More pics!

You my sweet friend have a list that exudes perfection!!!

I love every "item" on your list and the way you live and love them...

Thanks for the pass-on I will attack my own list this week...

Much love...

You know that our friendship is amazing and I can't wait to meet you soon..
hopefull be neighbors..
I will have mine done this week..

What a fun post! I am most thankful for my insulin pump too. I simply couldn't live without it!

Hope you have a great week!

Awwwwwwww....thanks for the award! I loved your list of ten things. So sweet.

Awwwww...thanks Kayce! I will play along this weekend. It will help me get back into the habit of saying what I'm thankful for.

Have a great trip this weekend!