17 March 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 20 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Dreaming

I wonder who has climbed these steps?  
I wonder when I'll get to climb them again?
I've been day dreaming a lot of China lately.  
I want to go back.  Today.
My dreams and prayers are filled with desires 
I do not know if they will ever come true, 
but I will wait to see the path God has planned for me.  
For now I sit in awe of where I've been 
and of what I saw and pray I'll be blessed again.
Until then I bask in the blessings I have...our boy and his cricket.

This weeks picture was taken by Mike as he climbed The Great Wall.  
As he made his way up to the seventh tower, he captured such beautiful pictures!  
I loved this one because you just can't help but wonder what is up those steps...even now. 
To see more beautiful black and whites click on the link below and enjoy!



Stunning image.

Thoughts of who has gone up and what they were thinking when they came back down after peering out above...was their life changed?

I imagine that trip changed yours. What beautiful memories you have captured here forever.

This is really beautiful! I love the way the one step is really worn down from so much wear. If it could talk, what tales would it share with us!

The Great Wall was really stunning, wasn't it? I've been there twice and that's kinda weird when you consider that I've never been to the Grand Canyon! ;)

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that is a beautiful photo. such imagery!

WOW....this is a great image Kayce.....I love it!

I am sure you heart aches to go back to the place that so miraculously changed your life. One day, I am sure that you will, for now you need to hold onto the memories of the magical time you spent there.

Beautiful post!



That's amazing. I love how the sunlight is streaming in through the top. I wish I could go there!

What a great shot. So much history lies beneath those stones including your journey - which is not over.

Keep the faith!!

Beautiful image, and such beautiful words. With a God like ours, there's no telling who has climbed those steps that might be weaved in and out of your life and you don't even know it. The Lord is so amazing, and so good. He knows the plans He has for you, and He knows your desires. I pray you can rest in Him. Thanks so much for sharing!

Wow amazing shot. I hope to go there some day! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Beautiful image and words Kayce, I truly hope you will go back for what you wish for someday. Enjoy this time with your new daughter...and keep hoping and praying. We are forever changed by China and this miracle, aren't we?



I love this shot! Not just the perspective but the perception behind it!
Thank you for sharing!

GREAT PHOTO and words!

Wow, this is a great image!!

I could not figure out what those were. I kept moving my head and squinting :) What an angle! It totally makes you wonder about all the people that have walked them..

Great shot!

Wow. Gorgeous photo.

Sorry took so long to read your B&W, Kayce. :( Check mine out and you'll understand "why". Anyhow, this has to be one of the most "anticipatory" pics I've ever seen! You're right, makes one wonder what's at the top. Surely something wonderful, beautiful...the light that is pouring forth brings to mind the divinity. God's blessings to you and the fam. BTW, Cricket's growing like a WEED!;)

Great picture!

What a beautiful photo. I hope you are able to return soon and climb those steps once again.

What a great pic!! I had some of these same questions when we climbing the Great Wall as well. It's surreal to be somewhere with such enormous history. So when do you go back?? :)

I am so glad Mike took this picture. It is magnificent. LOVE the accompanying poem. Very nice : )