14 March 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010 - , 8 comments

Conversations...Part one of a few...

This has been one the conversations around here lately....

Big J - Mom how much does car insurance cost?

Me - Depends on the kind of car, your grades and some other stuff.

Big J - K....(pondering)

Big J - Mom? How much does a 2 bedroom appartment cost per month?

Me -  You moving out????

Big J - No, just making some plans for when I turn 18.

Me - Okay.  Well um...ummmm.  I guess apartments are running about 1100 a month (crazy I know) and don't forget the utilities and food and gas and spending money and insurance and laundry and food again, because you eat a lot.  

Big J - K...cool!  

Me - You know you could come home and do laundry and eat when you want to.  Or you could just stay home....like forever.

Big J - I know!  But , well me and some friends are going to get an apartment when we graduate from high school and we're planning it out now.

Me - Ooookay.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet but..well it's good to have a plan.  But ummmmm what if you all go to college in different states??  

Big J - Yeah.  We thought about that.  We'll see.  Maybe we'll all just stay here and work.  

Me - Ummmmm.  Okay.  Let's reevaluate this in a few years okay...but hey keep planning!

Oh boy there are some serious changes happening in this teenage boy of ours.  And yesterday I realized that in about 6 months I'll have my own personal chauffeur!  Oh help me now!


My students at school and I often have a similar conversations about moving out the day they turn 18. I always find it fascinating how idealistic they are about it all. I remember being the same way 100 years ago. If only it were as easy as they think it will be.

Oh My! The thought of being chauffeured by a 16 year old scares me ~ sorry to say!

Best of luck to you when you have to hand over those keys!! :o)

The driving thing ROCKS! I love being driven around. Enjoy it while you can. After the driving around part ends, then he will be out on his own and no more riding in cars with mom. But love it while you can. Love, Allison

ahaha ... seems not so long ago I was thinking that way-- now I have to live on my own and wish I could go home!!!

Its good that he is thinking that way-- it means you have done your job right!!

Oh my.... I cannot believe he is going to be driving soon! He is definitely growing up fast!

I bet he re evaluates those plans for the apartment with friends over these next few years:)



Hey, he's going to need to know all of that financial information for when he gets his yellow Lamborghini Gullardo. And I still expect a ride it too! ;)

i only WISH i'd been so thoughtful about my own future. it's good he's thinking!

The personal chauffeur...Not that cool! I get so scared! Soon I will have two...YICKS!!!

I have two teenage sons and one daughter turning 13 this month...

WHAT A DIFFRENT WORLD you are in now! WELCOME! I think babies are easier! So glad to see you have a little one too :) She is beautiful! Thank God! I have a little one too :)

You have a very cute blog!

Oh my gosh... do I ever remember this!

In my son's case, it all turned out great. Living with three other 18 year old boys taught him how much he really wanted to earn enough $$$ to be able to live totally on his own. We're still paying his rent and expenses (he's in college for another year) but he's doing great and eager to graduate and really spread his wings and fly!

Having a man/boy is such an exciting time in any mom's life. I'm really excited for you, Kayce! I don't know what to expect when the girls hit that age. But watching my boy turn into a man has been the thrill of my life!


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