19 March 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010 - , 17 comments

The first of many!

Oh boy!  Oh boy!!!  We are about to head out onto the wide open road to start a weekend full of dreams come true!  For about four plus years we have dreamed, talked, dreamed some more and planned many a camping trip with our daughter and today it's gonna happen!  Finally!  The smile on our faces couldn't be any bigger!

The trailer is packed to capacity with a few baby things, beach toys, and all the fixins for s'mores and a good time....we'll see you on the flip side!


have a wonderful time!!!

....be safe my darlings....xoxoo,me

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HOW FUN! Girl, I'm jealous!!! Love it!

Sounds fabulous. And I bet it's gonna be a little surreal to keep looking down to see J is with you after so many years of dreaming it. Have fun!

Oooo, have fun!!!

Have the best time. I know you will!

Oh my gosh! SO exciting. I hope you have the best time!

So glad another landmark dream has arrived for your family. Enjoy :)

Have a blast!!!!! I love to camp : ) hope you brought the camera so we can share in your fun!!!! {{{{hug}}}}

Have tons of fun!! :)

Love that smile..

Man is she a doll! ;)

Hubby and I were AVID rustic campers before kids. Now we're doing it a bit differently. :) We've recently purchased a lakehouse, built a new dock to replace the dilapidated one that had been there 20+ years and bought a new boat. We're REALLY looking forward to a summer of family fun time! Which is what I pray for you guys this weekend! Can't wait to hear about the adventures when you return!

P.S. BTW, thank you soooo very much for the warm sentiments about my grandmother. Means the world... :) Am happy to report she was moved to a nursing home rehab from the hospital today! She's doing pretty good. Am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Will be praying for her. Cancer, in my opinion, is one of Satan's NASTIER weapons. Looking forward to that day when NOTHING like that exists anymore because our King returns!
Much love...:)

Have a great trip. Wish we were going to be down there at the same time. We leave next Fri so close but we will have to wait until June when we will be down for at leat 3 weeks.

How awesome!! I know you will cherish every minute of your dreams unfolding in front of you!! Woohoo!! I'll be waiting for lot of pics of course!! ;)

What a great time! Can't wait to see the pictures!