20 February 2010

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A little bit of this and a lot of that!

While it's only been three weeks since a huge ray of sunshine was placed in our arms and a week with it's warmth filling our home, it sure feels like we've been warmed by it's rays forever!   It's just amazing to us that we are the parents of this incredible ray of sun.  God is SO good!!

Our first days at home this last week have been wonderful, we've had lots of firsts and many memories being made.  Slowly but surely our sleep issues are becoming a thing of the past and our attachment continues to be strong.  Our mornings are all smiles and our nights are becoming longer and longer.  YEA!!  Jet lag wasn't too bad as we chose to ignore it and we've had a lot of help with the stuff that takes us away from our cricket.  We are SO happy that we chose to go with the "Taming the Tiger" route and are even more happy that our friends and family have been supportive of our choice.  Thanks guys!!   We've also been able to get out and about with our cricket and introduce her to her new world.....

Our first trip to the beach was not only a wonderful lung filling experience of FRESH air but also a great nap time!

Our first strolly ride was fantastic as was the food at Phil's Fish Market with my parents!  The little cricket absolutely LOVES to be outside and thinks her stroller or car seat are her BFF's.  She knows she's going somewhere if she's in one of them.

Cricket's big brother thought she needed that bear from the Walm@rt in China but he knew there was no way we'd be lugging it all over China in order to bring it home.  So instead when we got home he went to another toy haven and bought her this guy who is now the source of MANY laughs and he's a good snuggler!  

The cricket is also eating and eating and eating and eating!  I am making all her food from scratch and am SO happy that she loves it!  She even helped to make some peas the other day.  :)  
I see lots of 

baking and cooking in our future.

But the best part of the last week is seeing all the intense changes happening with our sweet, sweet girl.  She is now rolling ALL over the place and is a constant source of smiles for her mommy and daddy but remains shy to hand out any to a stranger.  She will check in with us often if someone new is around us.  She will grab at a toy but isn't yet putting them in her mouth.  She is still not sitting on her own yet but we are working on it every day.  Her leg mussels are getting stronger and stronger every day, her legs no longer make a "clicking" when she moves her little legs.  YEA!!  We're still without any teeth and show no signs of getting any anytime soon, so that makes for some cute gummy smiles.  Which we all just LOVE!  This is the sunshine that just fills us up even on a cloudy day.

And in between spending every moment with my cricket I'm trying desperately to change up the blog, so bare with me during our construction!  But in the mean time we've made one pretty big change and oh boy does it fit!  I struggled for months trying to figure out what I wanted to call the blog after we got home and as we all know, it came to me in China....

So without further ado our new name is.....

Our boy and his cricket! 

I am so excited to move on to this next chapter in our lives and share all of what lies ahead with us all.  There is still so much to share about our cricket and much I want to talk about in regards to our time in China and those first moments with her.  Big J is as always filled with story and these next few years will be full of growth and many firsts for him as well and those are stories I look forward to writing about.  We hope you join us for the ride and continue to watch our family grow in love, laughter and pure joy!


What a little angel she is! Love all the photos. You all look perfect together!

Love the name and the new look. She is so beautiful. I cannot wait to meet her! We aren't getting any time off for Spring break this year(boo) so I don't know when I'll be getting up your way again. I'm going to see what I can do to make it happen, sooner rather than later. Miss you!

She is absolutely adorable Kayce...... Oh that smile!!! What a cutie:)

Sounds like the transition is going well and she is adjusting.....so happy for you!!

Love the new name and the new look of the blog.....PERFECT!!

Enjoy your Sunday!



Jennifer is so cute!!!! You did such a great job updating from your trip! I hope we can do as well as you did! Hope she is adjusting well. Your blog is great! Congratulations!

What a Happy Cricket!!! :o)

I love the new blog name! It's perfect!
I'm so glad things are going so well for all of you.

I feel so happy reading this post. And, of course, OUR BOY AND HIS CRICKET will continue to be on my daily, stop by list.

Lots of love to you my friend.


I think "Cricket" is the cutest nickname! And, of course, your little cricket is the cutest baby ever. Love that gummy smile!

It looks like your house is a pretty happy place these days, Mama. What does Cricket think of music? Does she love it as much as her Mommy?


Our blog: Double Happiness!

Well my dear...it is finally behind us and time to move forward - doesn't it feel so good to know that life can finally move. Aaaahhh!

Love the new look, and that last picture of missy lou-lou...OH! To die for! Love those gummy smiles!

Love the new look so far and the new name..
Love ya ..
Sooooo glad things are going sooo well.

She's so very cute Kayce! And what a big brother she has! It will be a joy to see their relationship grow!

Oh Kayce you just made me smile so big!!! I am in bed with Shingles and am in so much pain but reading trhis post and seeing that little face just lifted me UP!!!! Thank you so much. I love you so much and could just not be any happier for you, my cup runneth over for you and your family.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Y'all are truly blessed. So glad to hear everything is working out so well!! btw, Nancy Thomas was a God-send for us when dealing with RAD w/ Veronica. Love ya cousin!!

I am so glad you left a comment! We left early Thursday morning and never had a chance to say good bye to anyone or get any contact info. It is so fun to see how far your little cricket (I love that nickname!) has come. She is such a little cutie! It amazes me every day how quickly our little ones adapt and accept the huge changes they have gone through.

Love the new name!
And I LOVE that last picture of your sweet girl. What a SMILE :-)

It sounds like everything is going really well. You'll be so amazed at all the changes Jennifer will make in such a short period of time. Glad to hear the sleep stuff is getting better!

The pics are adorable...keep em coming!

ahhh!! Your pic's are all those you dreamed of for so long, blogged about the "somedays", you are not living those days!! woohoo!!

Love it all... she is doing so wonderful... still can't believe it... take care

Sounds like things are going well, remember it takes time. She is adorable and has such a beautiful smile!!! Kayce I'm happy to see you back blogging, and love the new look and name.

And what a fantastic name you choose!!! Look at her!!! She is so adorable how can you stand it!!! Kayce I so missed your blogging and I'm so happy you posted!!! : ) I was dying to see pictures..

I LOVE your new name for the blog.....your little cricket looks so happy to be with her new family! She is so precious and looks like such a bundle of energy and joy! May the Lord bless your family and this precious new addition to your home.

So happy to know you made it home safely and are settling in. I love the new look of your blog and the name. The pictures of the "cricket" are just so cute. Thanks for sharing!!

-- kelly :-)

I love EVERYTHING about this post! :)

What a beautiful family you have there, Kayce!



She is so adorable! No wonder she is a ray of sunshine!

Love the new blog I will have to change it on my side bar. Love the name it is just right. I can't wait to meet your little cricket