17 February 2010


Welcome home! Congratulations! And what a wonderful picture of the Great Wall!

I hope all is going well with your family and that you're adjusting and recovering from your travels.

Many blessings~

I love it, too!!!

What an awesome pic!! You've already printed and framed this?! You rock! I think it took me a week just to unpack my suitcases....forget framing pictures! haha

Great shot! And it looks fantastic in Black and White.

Welcome home! I loved following you while you were in China! It brought back many memories and my desire to return is stronger than ever!!

Many Blessings,

What a great photo of you both and the great wall. Congrats on your new arrival!

Love this picture!

I love this picture. The staircase winding back behind you adds so much depth to the shot. Great self portrait!!!

Great photo of a great mom and big brother at the great wall! :)

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I can see why you love this one so much! Love the perspective and the Great Wall curving behind you.
Welcome home!!!!

Oh, welcome home and congratulations on your beauty!

Glorious pic and for SO many reasons!!

what a handsome guy you have there!

This is such a awesome pic! Can you believe you're home!! wow!

OH WOW... I LOVE IT!!! I bet it looks great hanging in your home:)

Hope you are doing well and settling in!!



Yay, I love it too!!!

Perfect! :)

Kayce this is a great shot!!! Welcome home...I loved your journey...: )

Beautiful..Beautiful picture...and I can NOT wait until we can take our 5 kids there...Congratz on your precious beauty!!!

Great shot! And it looks fantastic in Black and White...
Congratulations agian!

Perfect! What a gorgeous pic...

dear god i've missed out on all of it~!! now to track back (rather happily i might add) :O)

love this photo!

So glad you are home! She is teeny, just like Sophie. Try Pediasure; it put weight on Sophie!
Sophie couldn't sit up when we got her 12/20, but she's almost walking now!
So glad to see you all so happy together!