14 December 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009 - 15 comments

A little bit of this and a little bit of travel

Shall I start with a little bit of travel news?? I do have to warn you though that it isn't exactly what we were thinking or wanting! but of course we are looking at the positive side as best we can....but that only takes us so far....we want to go now to bring our girl home! Anyway, here is what we are being told for tentative travel....

February 18 through March 5 OR February 25 through March 12.

Yea, like I said trying to find the positive....thinking that it may be warmer in Beijing then, we have a little more time to save money, um lets see what else, oh yea Big J will be able to get into the groove a bit at school after our 4 week winter break....okay so moving on and reminding ourselves that this is His plan.

So moving on to bullets...

* We are having a lot of fun though with shopping, dreaming and celebrating! For at least a year, I have bought very little for our Baby J and now I'm having fun, fun, fun!! I even bought my first case of diapers! Oh joy!
A girl has got to have leg warmers!!

* I can not stop staring at our mantle this holiday season...Don't know why! :)

* Every other Sunday I have our entire family over for "Family Dinner and Game Night". Well yesterday was the first time all of us were able to celebrate the arrival of our newest family member and man we had a wonderful time. Everyone has been on a cloud since December 2nd and being able to share our joy last night was wonderful.

Finally got to light my celebrate candle!!
Me and my beautiful mommie!
Grandma setting Baby J up with her first SC tank! I'm seeing a jean skirt and leg warmers with this.
My niece and I holding my daughter
Our girl and acceptance letter
Chinese take out anyone??

Dearest Jennifer....

The love pouring out of your family is like a tidal wave washing away the months we've waited to see your face. You may not know this now, but soon you will be surrounded by grandparents who can't wait to share their childhoods with you, cousins who will help you to learn new things, aunts and uncles who are holding on to their collections of Dr. Suess to read to you and a brother who can't wait to teach you everything he knows! As mommie and daddy prepare for your arrival we pray that you are warm tonight and safe. We put our trust in God that he is watching over you until you are placed in our arms forever.

Sleep tight my sweetness....mommie loves you!


LOVE those leg warmers.....
Jennifer is going to have SOOOO MUCH LOVE.. even from her Auntie Kim...
Love the photos..
Your Mom is just as BEAUTIFUL as her daughter...
Have a great week.
Love ya girly..

It sure is fun to have a face to your dreams isn't it?! I know it has been forever....

So excited for you and hope to travel around the same time.

Love the leg warmers. What size is she? Auntie Jody wants to send her something!!


Travel--- ugggg!!! But you are so positive-- crazy but great!!!

Love the clothes and isnt day to day just a joy knowing who SHE is!!

Christy :)

It is just fabulous isn't it!!! I LOVE girls clothes :)

I love how her pretty little face is spread all throughout your house:) I am so happy for you.....enjoy every moment of this special time!!

What a Happy Holiday season for you all!!



God will keep your little Jennifer warm safe and happy until you can get there in his time it will be the right time.

Such an exciting time isn't it!?!
Very soon she will be more real than a photo! Hoping for a speedy TA!

What's up with travel?! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the 18th!!!!!!!!

The clothes are adorable and the love is so endearing! Can't you just feel the weight of the wait lifting off of you?! It's the second best feeling in the world...the best comes when you feel that child in your arms!

Enjoy this happy time in your life! China in the spring would be fantastic!!!!!

How terrific to see you candle lit at last!

Sorry your travel dates are looking so far away; hope the time speeds by till she is safe in your arms.

....just love your Blogs and our fabulous family! xoxoxo,me

Oh my... talk about goosebumps... I am so super excited for you all...

I am SO glad y'all got to finally light that candle. And we traveled from Feb 24 through March 9 when we adopted the Tongginator. Beijing? Was COLD that week - the husband actually wore a HAT. He's from Spokane; he doesn't wear HATS! But Guangzhou was fairly balmy.

what a precious day of celebration! Seeing Jennifer's picture everywhere is such a treat!

The wait for travel is tough I understand for sure but your treasure in the end is worth every moment of the wait. I had to wait 10 1/2 weeks between referral and Family Day and continually had to remind myself that God's timing is perfect! He already has the exact moment planned that Jennifer will be placed in your arms and we cannot wait to celebrate that moment with you!!

the wait between referral and travel is so hard- ours was what? 4.5 months?? of course, there was SO much going on it turned out to be for the better! february will be here before you know it, just watch!

so happy for you guys!

What a great party!