03 April 2012

Tuesday, April 03, 2012 - 2 comments

San Diego Christian with a little UCLA

All I got in me tonight is pictures....today was FABULOUS!!!  We made the drive down to San Diego and headed straight for SDC.  The kids LOVED every minute of it and the complementary Starbucks was a treat!  Soon after we checked into our incredible bungalow hotel and have had a great night relaxing in the pools and enjoyed a great meal with my cousin.  And that's about all my fingers can get out...here's the pictures.  :)  Oh and sweet girl "A" is here and doing GREAT!!!!!  :)  Thank you God!

Here are the few pictures from our UCLA tour...What a beautiful campus!  So full of history!  We were all in awe of it's grander and beauty.  It was rush week and it was BUSY with lots of Greek.   After these shots were taken we were in the back of an ambulance with in a few minutes.  We are all so thankful for the incredible care the staff gave us, from the janitor to the paramedics, nurses and doctors...they were just awesome!

The following pictures are from our tour of San Diego Christian today....A complete 180 from UCLA and a place we felt comfortable at and just loved.  While it is a very small school, all the kids loved it and were ready to get into a dorm and set up for their future.  

Starbucks on campus made for a perfect 10 on the rating scale! :)

Tomorrow is Point Loma Nazarene University and California Baptist University!  


....bless you my beautiful daughter....thanks for the great updates! xoxoxo,m

Looks like you are having fun... Love all the photos.. Miss you my friend..
Love you more..