04 April 2012

Wednesday, April 04, 2012 - 2 comments

Starting the day in the dark

Today was one of those days as a mom that you will never forget.  The day was heart stopping and mind blowing all at once.  Literally a day that I watched every moment of my son's life replay in my head.  And I was brought to tears.

We started our third full day of our college adventure by saying our goodbyes to the fabulous Paradise Point Spa and Resort where we'd had a fabulous night sleep...even after the ducks came into our rooms to say hello. :)  If you're ever in the San Diego area, this is a fabulous spot for a fun filled stay with lots to do without even leaving the resort.

Once we filled our bellies and grabbed coffee we made our way to Point Loma Nazarene University which sits up on a hill overlooking the entire Pacific Ocean.  Ummmm gorgeous!  Within minutes we were led to the Brown Chapel only to walk into a dimly lit chapel with a stage filled with candles.  I was instantly overcome with emotion.  The room filled up with at least 1500 students and the hum of worship was filling any remaining space left.  It was amazing.  After communion, Jenny and I quietly made our way outside to enjoy the sun breaking through the clouds and get out some toddler energy before our tour began.

The tour of campus was jaw dropping.  Classrooms over looking the ocean.  A Greek amphitheater with the Pacific as it's backdrop.  Students stopping to pray with another.  Birds, including wild parrots everywhere.  And a fabulous cafeteria which again looking over the ocean blue.  The beauty was amazing.  The kids were taking in every moment and loving it!  I looked at Jake a few times and told him I could really see him there.  I saw a future there with his name on one of the bricks on the road someday.  It was a powerful day....it started in a chapel filled by praise and candle light and ended in eye opening awe.

As the morning moved to afternoon we made the trek to California Baptist University in Riverside.  And instantly everything changed.  Discoveries were made.  Beauty was seen in a whole new level.  Gone was the ocean and was replaced by stark outcroppings of mountains and a serene campus filled with rich history.  For the first time each of the kids was giddy with excitement.  I thought for sure I would have seen it earlier but something here just turned on the light switch and the conversation between them ignited and hasn't stopped.

Walking the campus was so incredible....like UCLA the buildings are mixed with new and historical.  The athletic emphasis was everywhere and the campus is excited to be going Division II next year as are two of the kids with me...one for cheer and the other for water polo.  For them this was HUGE on the point ratings for them.  There was nothing not to like and is a top contender on all of the kids list.

Today was an amazing day for me as I just walked behind the pack and listened to the chatter.  I was humbled by the Lords direction He has given these kids and I am so excited to put each of their college stickers on the back of my car someday....CPU Mom...PLNU Mom....and the list continues to grow...tomorrow is Concordia and Biola!


I LOVE you!!!! xoxoxox,m

Love this post.. sounds like an amazing day.. .I might have to talk Ron into that resort.. looks amazing..
love you .. enjoy your Good Friday..