02 April 2012

Monday, April 02, 2012 - 5 comments

Life is an adventure or nothing at all....

Well today was nothing short of an adventure.  We started the day with a drive to the campus of UCLA and spent a good portion of the morning trying to find a parking spot.  And finally after jumping out of the minivan we took off in every direction to explore and take this amazing campus in.  I realized at one point that one of the girls "A", was not right.  I tried to bring up conversation with her and she just didn't seem like she felt well.  We were both loving the modern and very old architecture and I was snapping away pictures.  The kids were giddy with excitement to be on their first tour of the week.  Jenny was asking all kinds of questions.  There were hundreds of students all around as it was rush week.


I felt a tap on my shoulder and "A" was as white as a ghost and said she felt faint.  Before we knew it we were in an ambulance and being wheeled into the one of the best medical centers on the west coast.  The next eight hours were a blur of overwhelming worry, phone calls, a lot of laughs and finally relief when appendicitis and a few other things were ruled out.  Thankfully the pain diminished and sweet "A" was doing much better and we were sent home with follow up instructions for tomorrow.  "A" wants to be a nurse and we were teasing her all day that this was a ploy to get an up close view of a fabulous teaching hospital and she did!   That place is amazzzzing!!

By the time we got back to our home away from home around 10pm, "A's" mom had arrived after making the long drive down south.  Her relief was huge to see her daughter and I was glad to have her here.  Jenny was AMAZING!  She never once complained as she, her brother and his BFF kept her occupied in the waiting room for eight very long hours.  I'm so proud of the boys for jumping up to the task and taking over for me.  I handed off my camera to Jake and can't find it right now and I know it's full of some great pictures of the campus...hopefully I'll get them up tomorrow.

As for our trip...the doctors said as long as we keep an eye on pain, "A" is free to continue on with the journey.  Lots of prayer and fingers crossed we will be in San Diego tomorrow.  Until then....


LOL! Now that's a clever way to get a look at the inner workings of a hospital! ;o)

Glad to hear A is ok and that all of you are able to continue your journey together.

Said with love, keep the excitement to a dull roar, k? :o)


What an unexpected adventure!!!

xoxoxo, M

Hugz.. .thinking of you ...

Wow Kayce, first of all, I am glad "A" is doing okay now. Second of all, how awesome that you get to take this trip with J! A trip you will never forget I'm sure!Thanks for blogging your adventure so that we can follow along! :)

May God bless your travels...

I'm not sure why the above comment says, "Anonymous"..it's me, Mardi! :)