04 December 2009

Friday, December 04, 2009 - 42 comments

The colors of the rainbow make me smile!

We got our package today filled with the most incredible color picture of our sweet girl!!

Our weekend will surely be spent gazing at her most round beautiful face and staring into her soulful eyes!

What an incredible week it has been! One that will never be forgotten!!!

Again, thank you for all your love!! Oh and by the way...Her name...is Jennifer but we are still working out the details of her middle name and as soon as we figure it out we will let you all know! For now our sweet Jennifer is filling our hearts with the warmest love.


Oh Kayce! She is the sweetest little bug!

She is wonderful!!! Oh my goodness. I am so happy for you guys. WHen do you get to bring her home? Love ya cousin! You guys are blessed!!

Love, Jennifer

Oh Kayce...what a beauty she is!!! A dream come true for your family...you must be flying high still. Can't wait to see your sweet girl in your arms.


Oh man-what great news! Congrats!

Oh she is all so sweet... and a tiny little peanut...

Jennifer is tooo CUTE..
I am crying .. I LOVE .. LOVE ...LOVE all that hair..
Love ya girly..

Cute note to UPS! You Jennifer is even more precious in these colour pics!

Wow! what a difference color makes, She is cuter than ever. Gyll ( gramma to Ryleigh)

Oh she looks so precious and can I say it again tiny! So happy you finally got to see them in color.

Congratulations on sweet Jennifer.

Oh Kayce!! Wowweeee, what a little doll!!! She's so adorable and her little hands just need KISSES!!!!!!!!

Oh man, I am just sitting here looking at the pictures and giggling and beaming over the cuteness!! She is just precious!!!!

She really does have soulful eyes!! What a precious one she is! I cna see lots of bows and clippies in all of that gorgeous hair of hers.

Guess what!!!!! We got LOA today for our little guy!!!! We are possibly looking at TA end of Jan/beginning of Feb.
Yippee. Maybe we will be there at the same time!


Oh my word. She is darling! So tiny and with all that hair for bows. I enjoy looking at the Jennifer w/tiger photo. She will be in your arms soon!

her name is so sweet

florence ren

She is soooo beautiful and soooo little. She looks like Annalise her little chin rownd face I just can't wait to see her in your arms.

she is so sweet. I still can't believe it.



Yea! Yea! Yea! I have been following your blog for sooo long, though your many ups and downs. This is truly the best news of all!!! Best Wishes and God be with you as you travel to your new daughter.

OH Kayce!! She is even more beautiful in color! So sweet!!


Cute cute cute!!! Love them all but the fuzzy chair pic is my fav! Hmm... I think you might need to redo your blog banner!


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Such a sweet, sweet face!!!!
I am so very happy for you!!!
I just love the picture of J in the poofy chair! :o)

She is even sweeter in color! I know you are in LOVE :-)

What a sweetie!! Those big inquisitive eyes melt your heart.

Keep smilin!

Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous.

Hi - I just started following your blog. I got here from Catherine's blog. I love these cute baby stories!
She is just like a little doll! So small and so darn cute. What a lucky little girl that she will soon have her very own family.
All the best to you in the coming days.
A grandma

What a little doll! Congratulations.

Oh Kayce she is unique and wonderfully made isn't she!!! I could just kiss those cheeks!!

Love, Kristy

Just: very happy for all of you. Congratulations.

Beautiful... just beautiful. :)

Jennifer is such a pretty baby! I know you can't wait to get your hands on her and cover her with kisses.

Congratulations. Just found your blog on RQ. I too have a Chinese daughter that I share a birthday with. What an amazing gift. Good luck to you. It is a wonderful experience. I have done it twice. I want to go back a get a boy but.... we will have to wait and see what the future holds.
Enjoy every amazing moment.

Blessings and Godspeed,
mom to Alex, 4, Guangdong and Abby, 3, Hubei.

OMG!! She is just too cute! so tiny! I can just see her hanging with Zoey, Gwyneth, and Caroline! :)

She's adorable! Congrats!

OH MY GOSH KAYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just read your blog...I'm so behind & what an AWESOME surprise!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR DAUGHTER-TO-BE! The best Christmas/birthday/anniversary present EVER! She is beautiful and I have tears running down my face reading your blog. I'm soooooo happy for you guys. FINALLY....your long wait is coming to an end. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So adorable, and so much hair! She's very rare in that respect!
Won't you have fun putting little bows in that?

Congratulations, your daughter is a little angel!

you made my day!!! god she is cute!!!

Thank you for sharing your joy ... my heart is soooo happy to see your beautiful baby girl!!! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All God's best --

Debbie Eriksen
Hannah & Lily's Mom :-)

Holy cow, your video brought me to tears. I should not drink wine and look at new babies. Congratulations, your daughter is beautiful!

Mom of 2 China babies

She? Is adorable. Congratulations to you on your soon-to-be daughter.


Jennifer is beautiful. Looking forward to traveling with you in the next couple of months. Congratulations.

Great pictures! I love her spikey hair. It is so cute and she is so beautiful.